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first_imgRELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Advertisement Linkedin Facebook Twitter Previous articleCancer runNext article€305,000 allocated to Limerick Sports Partnership Alan Jacqueshttp://www.limerickpost.ie Limerick Artist ‘Willzee’ releases new Music Video – “A Dream of Peace” NewsLocal NewsRathkeale welcomeBy Alan Jacques – March 15, 2015 939 LIMERICK Fine Gael TD Dan Neville has welcomed the announcement that the Board of Innovate Limerick have agreed to sell 25,000 square feet of the Andersen Plant to Design Pro Limited. “I formally welcome Design Pro Limited to Rathkeale and I know their presence in the town will bring many extra benefits to the locality,” said Deputy Neville. Paul Collins of Design Pro Limited was voted the National Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 and his business currently employs 40 people. Design Pro design and build high end robotic equipment and it is anticipated that they will be creating another 30 jobs within the next two to three years. Printcenter_img Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live Email WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival Vanishing Ireland podcast documenting interviews with people over 70’s, looking for volunteers to share their stories Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live WhatsApp TAGSAndersen IrelandDan Neville TDDesign Pro LtdFine GaellimerickRathkeale last_img read more

first_img(CIDRAP Source Weekly Briefing) – You have a few crucial moments for talking about pandemic preparedness. Use them well.As most readers of this newsletter know, the World Health Organization (WHO) says we are currently in phase 3 of six pandemic phases (see chart at right). We’re no longer in phase 1, because a novel flu virus, H5N1, has appeared on the scene. We’re no longer in phase 2, because H5N1 has successfully passed from a bird to a human (a few hundred times so far). We’ve also seen a few cases of human-to-human transmission, but not enough, in the WHO’s judgment, to justify ratcheting up to phase 4.As the WHO chart shows, the distinctions among phases 3, 4, 5, and 6 are qualitative, depending on whether human-to-human transmission is “very limited,” “increased,” “significant,” or “efficient and sustained.”Let me propose a complementary but different set of phases for planning pandemic communications. The WHO pandemic phases are grounded solely in what the virus is doing. The following pandemic communication phases are grounded also in the:Intensity of the level of public concernLocation of the disease1. Pre-pandemic coldIn the WHO’s phases 1 and 2, pandemic preparedness is off the public’s agenda, and most communication effort would be wasted. There are exceptions—during a severe seasonal flu outbreak, for example, or right after a pandemic. But unless something has happened to arouse the public’s interest and thus create a pandemic teachable moment, the chances of inspiring much pandemic preparedness are next to nil. It still makes sense to lobby for improvements in areas such as public health infrastructure and vaccine technology. But don’t expect to create a communication phase 1 pandemic buzz. Save your ammunition.2. Pre-pandemic warmIn the WHO’s phase 3, our current phase, the opportunities to communicate improve. At least you can point to H5N1. But people get used to the existence of H5N1 on the horizon, and need something more to recapture their interest—a local outbreak in birds, for example, or a human-to-human cluster anywhere.In between these teachable moments, it’s not easy to keep the general public (or the media) interested. Reaching out to stakeholders is more feasible. Pandemic communication phase 2 is actually a pretty good time to talk to customers, suppliers, and even employees. You won’t get too strong a reaction—your problem will be apathy, not panic—but you can start building baseline awareness. Try raising pandemic preparedness at safety meetings, for example; think about creating pandemic posters, phone stickers, and the like.Communication phase 2 is also a good time to cement your progress with people whose awareness has already been aroused during prior teachable moments. For example, get them involved in company preparedness activities, urge them to share their concern with friends and coworkers, and advise them on the next steps in household preparedness.3. Pre-pandemic hotCommunication phase 3 comes into play whenever the issue catches fire. This phase includes the periodic teachable moments during the WHO’s phase 3—for example, the first time an H5N1-positive bird is found in North America. It might also include less obvious teachable moments, such as a pandemic-focused movie or TV docudrama. The biggest day so far on the CDC’s pandemic Web site was the day CIDRAP Director Michael Osterholm, editor-in-chief of this newsletter, appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.A teachable moment of special importance occurs any time H5N1 (or any flu strain) looks like it’s getting better at human-to-human transmission. The WHO may take a while to declare phase 4. You don’t have to wait. As soon as word spreads that the WHO is thinking about phase 4, you’ve got a teachable moment. And when the WHO makes the move, you’ve got a gigantic teachable moment.Capitalizing on teachable moments is crucial to getting your company prepared. While you’re in communication phase 2, spend a lot of effort planning for the next time you get to communication phase 3. (Communication phases 2 and 3 oscillate as teachable moments come and go.)4. Pandemic imminentBy the time a pandemic looks imminent, the WHO will definitely be in phase 4, maybe even phase 5. Nobody will know the odds of getting this far and not progressing to the WHO’s phase 6. Nobody will know whether the pre-pandemic virus will zoom through 4 and 5 or dawdle in them. And at least for a while, nobody will know whether the pandemic that looks imminent is going to be severe or mild.Still, communication phase 4 is the mother of all teachable moments. As soon as credible experts start saying a pandemic looks imminent (the defining characteristic of communication phase 4), people you’ve been trying to reach for years will suddenly start paying attention—and complaining that you didn’t warn them earlier. Don’t get defensive; focus instead on urgent preparedness messages.The tone of your communications should start shifting. You don’t have to arouse people’s concern any more; the situation is doing that for you. Don’t give in to the temptation to overreassure them, either. Now the task is to validate their rising fear, help them bear it, and guide them through it.5. Pandemic elsewhereSuppose the WHO declares a pandemic. But it isn’t “here” yet. You may have only a day or two for last-minute preparations; you may have weeks or conceivably even months.If you’re a multinational company, you’re in communication phase 6 in some of your locations and phase 5 in others. Don’t lose sight of the distinction.By now you’re starting to get fairly reliable data about how severe the pandemic is shaping up to be. Of course, that can change; flu pandemics can come in waves, and the waves can vary in severity (there’s no clear pattern—later waves can be worse or better than earlier ones). Still, nearly every aspect of your communication phase 5 plan will depend on what you have to say about the severity of the coming pandemic.You’ll need “subplans” for different severity levels. (One possibility is to use the severity categories defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.) Phase 5 messages for a mild pandemic will focus on such medical matters as symptoms, vaccines and antivirals, and hospital surge-capacity problems. Phase 5 messages for a severe pandemic will need to address much tougher worries, like shortages of essential goods, disruption of essential services, and threats to the social order. And of course you may have to split the difference if the pandemic’s expected severity is intermediate or still hard to predict.6. Pandemic hereEverything changes when the pandemic reaches your location—especially if it’s severe. Of course, you will have endless information and instruction to offer your stakeholders, everything from which facilities are open to what supplies are available to how long people should stay home after recovering. But in the middle of a crisis, the most important communication tasks have to do with sustaining people’s ability to bear the unbearable. Validating how awful it is, demonstrating your candor and your determination (not your overoptimism), celebrating heroes, and mourning victims—these are every bit as crucial as anything else you need to tell your employees, customers, and suppliers.7. Pandemic elsewhere (again)The pandemic is receding in your area. It’s time to regroup, not relax. Another wave may be coming, and it could be worse than this one was. And of course the pandemic is still raging elsewhere, and supply lines are still wrecked. Regrouping won’t be easy.As waves come and go, you may need to get through several iterations of communication phases 6 and 7.8. Post-pandemicIt’s really gone. Now you need a communication effort to help everyone recover. And you have a chance to help everyone segue from debriefing to thinking about long-term preparedness.Bear in mind that other flu strains circulating could pose a pandemic threat. So maybe we’re back in the WHO’s phase 1 or 2, or maybe we’re in the WHO’s phase 3 (or conceivably even 4) for a different strain. Here is one of my communication worst-case scenarios: In the next year or two, we go through a mild pandemic of some strain other than H5N1. H5N1 still looms, and now we need to convince people to stay worried.Focus your planningThe purpose of these eight pandemic communication phases is to focus communication planning on communication issues:Before a pandemic, what matters most is picking your teachable moments, when you have the best chance to arouse people’s concern and action.During a pandemic, the communication phase depends on where the pandemic outbreaks or waves are—and your mid-pandemic messages depend on how severe these outbreaks or waves are.After a pandemic, the communication tasks are to help with recovery and to promote continued vigilance and preparedness for the next pandemic.An internationally renowned expert in risk communication and crisis communication, Peter Sandman speaks and consults widely on communication aspects of pandemic preparedness. Dr. Sandman, Deputy Editor, contributes an original column to CIDRAP Source Weekly Briefing every other week. Most of his risk communication writing is available without charge at the Peter Sandman Risk Communication Web Site, which includes an index of pandemic-related writing on the site.last_img read more

first_imgPension fund consultants have been standing in the way of greater adoption of impact investment by their clients, it was argued at a conference yesterday.Katherine Garrett-Cox, member of the supervisory board at Deutsche Bank and former chief executive and chief investment officer of Alliance Trust, said pension fund consultants were “a roadblock that needs to be broken down”.She later said not all consultants were “dreadful” and there were “some enlightened ones”.David Scott, chairman at Tribe Impact Capital, an impact-focused wealth manager, argued that trustees needed to take more responsibility and challenge consultants. Fiduciary duty was about the financial return and societal impact of investments, he added. In the past impact investing was seen as a trade-off between achieving positive non-financial outcomes at the expense of financial performance. Many in the field now argue it can encompass market-rate returns.Sapna Shah, director of strategy at the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), said it was important to be able to present convincing data demonstrating financial performance in certain impact products. It would also be helpful to clarify where on the spectrum of impact investing these products lie, she said.Garrett-Cox said longer track records for impact investing vehicles would also help, and recommended that investment managers compare their performance against mainstream benchmarks to attract consultants’ attention.It wasn’t only about the role of consultants, however: language was also seen as a barrier.Garrett-Cox said: “We’ve had one panel, one conversation and I’ve heard multiple phrases – ESG, impact investing, SRI – and I think part of the problem around the demand side is that it’s very confusing what you’re actually saying when you talk about this.”Ultimately it was about “good long-term investment management”, she added.Gavin Wilson, CEO at IFC Asset Management Company, said the current regulatory framework, designed to promote financial stability, was impeding the flow of capital to developing countries and hampering the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).“We have narrow regulations in the insurance, pension fund, and banking industries that impede broader global objectives,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgIvory Coast’s Wilfried Bony (L) heads the ball as he is marked by Uganda’s Geoffrey Kizito during the friendly football match between Ivory Coast and Uganda at New York University Stadium in Abu Dhabi on January 11, 2017. PHOTO AFPInternational Friendly ResultUganda 0 Ivory Coast 3Wilfried Zaha scored his first goal for African champions the Ivory Coast as they trounced Uganda 3-0 Wednesday in a warm-up match for the 2017 Cup of Nations.The Crystal Palace and former England winger struck with a low shot after a superb solo run during the second half in Abu Dhabi.Abidjan-born Zaha changed his international allegiance after making two friendly appearances for adopted homeland England.Footballers who have not played a competitive match for a country are entitled to switch loyalties.The 24-year-old flier has impressed in two outings for the Cup of Nations title-holders, creating the winner against Sweden during his debut three days ago.Striker Jonathan Kodjia from English second-tier outfit Aston Villa and Paris Saint-Germain full-back Serge Aurier were the other Ivorian scorers after a goalless first half. AFCON FACTFILE: Ivory CoastQualifying results: Sierra Leone 1-1 home, 0-0 away; Sudan 1-0, 1-1Scorers: Gervinho, Max-Alain Gradel, Jonathan Kodjia 1 eachOverall record: P87 W39 D22 L26 F129 A94Best placings: champions (1992, 2015)Record wins: Ethiopia 6-1 (1970), Guinea 5-0 (2008)Record losses: Ghana 1-4 (1965), Algeria 0-3 (1990), Cameroon 0-3 (2000), Egypt 1-4 (2008)Africa-world rankings: 2 Africa 34 WorldNickname: Elephants****Main report AFP Share on: WhatsApp #Amistoso ?? v ?? [ST 2-0] Wilfried Zaha tuvo su estreno en la red como jugador de #CostaDeMarfil y puso el 2-0 ante #Uganda pic.twitter.com/wOMlgHUEo4— Camino a Rusia (@caminoarusia) January 11, 2017Ivory Coast hope to become only the fourth country after Egypt, Ghana and Cameroon to successfully defend the African title when the 2017 tournament kicks off this Saturday in Gabon.They are in Group C — arguably the toughest of the four mini-leagues — with the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco and Togo.After qualifying for a first appearance at the finals since finishing 1978 runners-up, Uganda tackle record seven-time champions Egypt, Ghana and Mali in Group D.It is Uganda Cranes’ final game before they fly to Gabon for the Nations Cup final. Uganda is grouped with Ghana, Mali and Egypt.Starting line-ups: UGANDA: Onyango; Iguma, Awany, Wasswa, Ochaya, Mawejje, Kizito, Azira, Luwagga, Miya, MassaIVORY COAST: Gbohouo; Aurier, Bailly, Kanon, Traoré; Seri, Dié, Kessie; Kalou, Kodjia, Zaha. 25 January 20172017 AFCONUganda – Mali TWO OF THE GOALS:#Amistoso ?? v ?? [ST 2-0] Jonathan Kodjia, de cabeza, anotó el 1-0 de #CostaDeMarfil frente a #Uganda pic.twitter.com/1AFhjL7nCc— Camino a Rusia (@caminoarusia) January 11, 2017 8 January 2017FriendlyUganda 3-1 SlovakiaAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 21 January 20172017 AFCONEgypt – UgandaPort-Gentil, Gaboncenter_img 11 January 2017FriendlyIvory Coast 3-0 UgandaAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 4 January 2017FriendlyTunisia 2–0 UgandaTunis, Tunisia LIVE FEED#UGvIVC TweetsAFCON FACTFILE: UgandaQualifying results: Botswana 2-0, 2-1, Comoros 1-0, 1-0; Burkina Faso 0-0, 0-1Scorers: Khalid Aucho, Geofrey Massa, Tony Mawejje, Farouk Miya, Brian Umony, William Kizito 1 eachOverall record: P16 W3 D1 L12 F17 A31Best placing: runners-up (1978)Record win: Morocco 3-0 (1978)Record loss: Algeria 0-4 (1968)Africa-world rankings: 18 Africa 72 WorldNickname: Cranes 6 January 2017FriendlySlovenia 0–1 UgandaDubai, United Arab Emirates 17 January 20172017 AFCONGhana – UgandaPort-Gentil, Gabonlast_img read more

first_imgEmployees, clients and guests of Newport Capital Group enjoy a Cinco de Mayo celebration Thursday, May 2, at the firm’s offices at 12 Broad St., Red Bank. Enjoying the party, which included a mariachi band, are, from left: Michelle Deverin, Karen Depontes, Lauren Goldfarb, Bruce Meyer, Patty Wolf John Piluso and Michelle Bennett. “This is one of the ways we like to celebrate with our clients and friends,” said Goldfarb, who is the financial planning firm’s vice president of marketing. The firm has been in its Broad Street location for about 10 years, but has been in the Red Bank community for 30 years, Goldfarb said. Newport Capital Group was recently recognized by Plan Advisor magazine, an industry trade publication, as a finalist for its team of the year recognition.last_img

first_imgThe Del Norte girls basketball team is through to the North Coast Section Division IV semifinals for the first time in school history after picking up a comfortable 59-42 home win on Saturday over No. 7 Urban in the quarterfinal matchup in Crescent City.The No. 2 seeded Warriors bounded out to a 6-0 lead in the first 1:08 of play and never trailed against a scrappy Blues team.The Warriors started the game out strong offensively, scoring on each of their first four possessions. Del Norte …last_img

first_imgThe heavyweight states of New South Wales and Queensland battled it out in each division, while Tasmania created history, with its 12’s Boys team winning its first ever game at the event. In the 12’s Girls division, Queensland sits on top of the ladder after day one, with four wins from its four games. In the match against New South Wales, Queensland proved too strong, winning seven touchdowns to two. New South Wales sits in second place on the ladder, with three wins, while the Northern Territory and the ACT sit in third and fourth place respectively, with two wins each. In the 12’s Boys division, New South Wales’ win over Queensland sees it sit in top spot on the ladder, undefeated after two days.  Queensland is in second place on the ladder with three wins, while the Northern Territory also has three wins from its four games. The ACT is in fourth place with one win. In the 15’s Girls division, Queensland has won its five games so far over the two days, including a 7-4 defeat of New South Wales. Queensland finished the first two days of the competition with 79 touchdowns scored and only conceding four touchdowns. New South Wales sits in second place with four wins, with South Australia in third place with three wins, and the ACT in fourth place on the ladder with two wins. In the 15’s Boys division, Queensland is also on top of the table, with five wins from its five games, including its 11-7 win over New South Wales. New South Wales sits in second place with four wins, followed by the ACT with two wins and two draws, while South Australia sits in fourth palace. For more results, please click on the following link:http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?c=14-4282-0-0-0&sID=188469last_img read more

first_imgMoussa Dembele firming as Man Utd January favouriteby Paul Vegas23 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United are ready to launch a January bid for Lyon striker Moussa Dembele.Le 10 Sport says United have had Dembele watched consistently this season – with scouts present since the campaign kicked off.While it’s been a bad start to the season for OL, who are winless after six games, Moussa Dembele has impressed. He has six goals (having scored 15 last season) and has been displaying career best form.Signed for €22m last year from Celtic, the 23 year-old is now valued at almost double that price. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img

first_imgBarack Obama filling out NCAA Tournament bracket.For the seventh straight year, President of the United States Barack Obama has joined ESPN’s Andy Katz to unveil his March Madness picks. “Baracketology”, as it’s now known, hasn’t been all that successful, but it has been entertaining.This year, Obama went mostly chalk. While he has a number of interesting upsets in the first round, he has seeds ranked 1-4 for 15 of his 16 Sweet Sixteen slots. Davidson, a 10-seed, is the only squad he thinks will wind up pulling two upsets.All the President’s picks: Check out his NCAA Tournament Bracket → http://t.co/ENqqesV08s #Baracketology pic.twitter.com/gYREANLa6P— The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 18, 2015Obama has Kentucky over Villanova in the final. He thinks that UK is going to finish the season 40-0. Here’s his entire bracket, via ESPN.Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 9.45.19 AM What do you think of the President’s picks?last_img read more

first_imgOTTAWA — The Liberal senator leading the Canadian parliamentary delegation travelling to China says his group will tread carefully in calling for the release of the two detained Canadians in that country.Sen. Joseph Day tells The Canadian Press that engaging directly with Chinese lawmakers is crucial but his group doesn’t want to do anything to harm the welfare of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor.Day says the two countries may have fundamentally different views about what constitutes the rule of law, but both need to find common ground on some fundamentals.He says that includes having a right to a lawyer, knowing what you’re charged with and being able to make a full answer in defence.So far, none of that has been afforded to Kovrig and Spavor, each of whom has had only one visit by the Canadian ambassador in China since being arrested last month in apparent retaliation for Canada’s arrest of high-tech executive Meng Wanzhou at the request of the United States.Day says his delegation has been well briefed by Global Affairs Canada, and he’s not worried about its members’ personal security, and adds that an elevated travel ban for Canadians would be counterproductive.The Canadian Presslast_img read more