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first_imgNews Help by sharing this information News SudanAfrica RSF_en News Receive email alerts Charges were dropped yesterday against Hartford Courant photographer Brad Clift, who was consequently able to leave the Darfur town of Nyala and travel to Khartoum with the aim of catching a flight to London later in the day.Although free to move about in Darfur, Clift had been subject to an order to reside at the premises of the Christian NGO Sudan Aid in Nyala since 26 April pending a possible court appearance. Officially, he had been accused of not having the required visa and work permits.——————————–29.04.2005 – US photographer arrested in Darfur regionReporters Without Borders has called for an explanation from the Sudanese authorities for the arrest of US photographer Brad Clift, of the Hartford Courant newspaper, who has been held since 26 April 2005 in Darfur, western Sudan.”We cannot understand the reasons for the arrest of this photographer, who has been deprived of his liberty for three days now,” the worldwide press freedom” organisation said.”That is why we are calling on the Sudanese authorities to clarify their reasons and to make public the charges against Clift as well as the exact place of his detention and the date of his court hearing, which is constantly being postponed.” Clift arrived in Sudan as a freelance photographer on 21 April, travelling with the Hartford Catholic Worker, an aid organisation distributing food to the Nyala camps. He was arrested while taking photos of the refugee camps. According to the US State Department, he is reportedly under “house arrest” in the offices of a Sudanese Christian organisation Sudan Aid. Clift confirmed to the US consulate that he entered Sudan on a tourist visa and that he had no official accreditation to work or travel in Darfur as a photographer, as Sudanese practice requires. The consular officials reported after speaking to him that Clift was in good healthThe picture editor of the Courant Hartford, John Scanlan, said he had contacted the US State Department which had assured him it was doing everything possible for Clift to be represented by a lawyer at his court hearing. The newspaper has had no direct contact with its staff member.The US embassy in Khartoum said that a hearing set for 28 April for “charges to be put” had been cancelled, since the judge had not arrived. Another hearing on the day of his arrest was postponed for the same reason.”The competent authorities must clear up the doubts in this case,” said Reporters Without Borders. A journalist cannot be arrested just for taking photographs of the human drama unfolding in Darfur.”Contradictory reports have been circulating about where the photographer is being held. The British news agency Reuters said that he was being detained at the offices of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), near Nyala in the south of Darfur. April 6, 2020 Find out more May 11, 2005 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Charges dropped against US photographer Follow the news on Sudancenter_img News Sudan : Press freedom still in transition a year after Omar al-Bashir’s removal April 10, 2020 Find out more March 29, 2020 Find out more Coronavirus infects press freedom in Africa Organisation to go further SudanAfrica Covid-19 in Africa: RSF joins a coalition of civil society organizations to demand the release of imprisoned journalists on the continentlast_img read more

first_imgThe former Ryder cup captain ended on 1 over par.Michael Hoey and Paul Lawrie are also taking part in the event.Both players look like they won’t have any probelm extending their involvement into the weekend.last_img

first_imgIn a country as diverse as South Africa, it is natural for there to be differing views and vigorous contestation, writes Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe. So it would be a mistake to assume the fracas in parliament during the State of the Nation Address on 12 February meant our democracy was on the edge of an abyss. A frame from a news report on the State of the Nation Address in parliament on 12 February. (Image: YouTube/ECNA) Minister in the Presidency Jess RadebeIt’s all too easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of perceptions and to lose sight of the true state of play. It’s human nature to be consumed by the bluster of the here and now. Since the unprecedented fracas during the State of the Nation (SoNA) our national discourse has been ablaze.Were one to judge the state of our nation on the headlines that followed SoNA alone, the appearance would be that South Africa stands on the edge of an abyss.It is indisputable that the disturbing scenes in parliament last week were not in keeping with the spirit and conventions of our democracy. The government is appalled by the disruptive actions of those who were intent on demeaning the importance of the address.However, to assume that what unfolded in parliament is a portent of the end of our democracy is incorrect. Democracies are by their nature defined by lively dialogue and differences over policy direction.In a country as diverse as South Africa, it is natural there will be differing views and vigorous contestation. Indeed, this has been the hallmark of our democracy since 1994.Democratic parliaments all over the world are robust in their nature and there have been many recorded incidents of disorder. It is, therefore, unfortunate some would seek to define our democracy on the strength of one incident. Any democracy is tested by the resilience of its institutions during turbulent times, and our parliament has passed the test. Our parliament still remains our beacon of democracy.It is equally regrettable that the many policy interventions announced by President Jacob Zuma were overshadowed by the disturbance. The president unveiled an ambitious nine-point plan to stimulate growth and create jobs. He also addressed the interventions needed to stabilise the current energy challenges.South Africa, like any other country, has its challenges and frustrations. That said, few would dispute that we have come a long way since 1994. Out of the ashes of apartheid has risen a nation recognised the world over for its commitment to the values of freedom and democracy.Our Constitution stands as one of the pillars on which we have built a new society that serves all its people. I would like to believe that most fair-minded South Africans would concur that our democratic institutions are strong and functioning. The supremacy of the Constitution and the rule of law as stipulated at the birth of our young democracy remain untouched. Courts continue to function without fear or favour in accordance with the law. Furthermore, the Constitutional Court, the highest court in the land, continues to safeguard our democracy.The importance of the Constitution cannot be overstated. It is the cornerstone of our democracy and guides us in all our endeavours. Its significance, as our moral compass, was underscored during Zuma’s response to the debate on the State of the Nation address when he said: “We also have a responsibility to promote the constitution, which is the blood and soul of our democracy.”The separation of powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary also remains steadfastly in place. The architects of our Constitution cleverly built in the separation of powers to prevent a situation where one institution or arm of government would have absolute power. Most people would agree with me that these are the hallmarks of a fully functional democracy.last_img read more

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Open Thread#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Related Posts jolie odellcenter_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market I’ve tried to pick some interesting and controversial topics for these open threads over the past few weeks, but if there’s one topic that’s sure to divide public opinion and light the sky with burning effigies, it’s this one.I’m a woman, and I’m in technology, and I demand here and now that you stop catering to me. That’s right, I’m talking to YOU: brands, marketers, PR flaks, hardware manufacturers, advocacy groups and the women and men in my industry. And while we’re at it, stop referring to me and my female colleagues as “girls.” How do you feel about women in tech? Let us know in the comments.Now that I’ve had my little rant, let me tell you why I’m so incensed.For some time, I’ve been courted by a few organizations purporting to address the issues of women in technology. And issues there are, I’m sure. Certainly, many women have a hard time being taken seriously in what’s traditionally a male-dominated industry. For example, those of us who are fortunate enough to have good hair days and decent posture get flaunted as sex symbols, and those who have better things to think about than what shade of lipgloss to wear get criticized, overlooked, underpaid, or even – gasp! – taken seriously.I’ve been fortunate enough to (usually) be on the former end of that equation, and I can tell you it ain’t all roses for cute women, either, especially when you cross the line into “too cute” territory and are accused of being brainless, opportunistic, shallow and far, far worse.It’s true that our male colleagues often undergo the same process of judgement and criticism, but to a much lesser degree. Still, we as a culture have come a long way from the days of Cosmopolitan’s 1967 article “The Computer Girls,” which vacillated between praising the intelligence of its female programmer subjects and talking about their marriage prospects and hair color.Or have we?Google’s still listing 8 million results for the search terms “sexy girls in tech” and around 4.5 million for “sexy girls in tech 2009,” in case you were wondering whether the sexism of the past was skewing the results. This is compared to a mere 1 million results for “sexy girls in tech 2008.” I have thus very unscientifically proven that tech is becoming more sexist, not less, by continuing to marginalize and objectify “sexy girls” in our industry. Moving on from Google and sexy girls, how are brands treating women? Just last year, Dell tried to foist off a horrendously sexist site aimed at women; the content suggested that their pastel-hued laptops could help us count calories, plan meals and listen to Sarah McLachlan clones to our heart’s content. The site was ripped to shreds (rather brilliantly) by The Register and promptly removed from the tubes. In other hardware news, Sony’s just issued a Barbie pink Vaio (with a floral pattern!) that’s well out of the price range of the Barbie-buying market, and others just can’t stop pitching us on “fashionable” laptop cases to match our handbags.So who’s responsible for putting women in a pink, perfumed corner? Is it the women-run groups, who segregate us from the rest of our colleagues and still insist on calling us “girls?” Is it the men who slaver shamelessly over “sexy geeky girl” posts with more regard for cup size than intellectual caliber? Is it the computer manufacturers who cater to women by slapping flowery shells onto devices and gadgets? Or is it women themselves, who sometimes rely too much on their gender and looks, counting on the fact that the “male-dominated” industry will more likely be charmed by those factors than impressed by their intelligence or talent?Technologists don’t have to treat women like men, but perhaps we should all make an attempt to treat one another with a little more neutrality. And for goodness sake, can we all agree on a moratorium for script fonts, sparkles, the word “girl” and the color pink? We might be females, but we’re not 4-year-olds.I’m fully aware that this point of view will tick off quite a few readers, so be sure to tell me exactly why in the comments. We welcome all opinions in these open threads, whether you disagree, concur or simply have a different point of view.Read more ReadWriteWeb articles from the Gender & Tech archives. Also see these related articles on other websites from Clay Shirky, Jeanne of Feministing, danah boyd and Gina Trapani. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

first_imgWells Fargo recently rolled out a mobile payments pilot program in San Francisco, allowing the bank to test NFC (near field communication) technology in a real-world environment. The program’s goal, says Peter Ho, product manager for Wells Fargo Card Services and Consumer Lending, is to understand how customers look at mobile payments. The pilot is still very much in an exploratory phase, with just 200 banking customers involved.But that’s not to say that Wells Fargo isn’t sold on NFC’s potential. “NFC is a very strong and valuable technology coming into the market,” says Ho.This is the fifth post in a series on NFC here on ReadWriteMobile which will serve to get you up to speed on what NFC is, what notable developments are underway and what commercial programs using NFC will arrive this year. You can follow this series by clicking the tag (or bookmarking the tag) “NFC 2011.”This post assumes you are familiar with the term NFC as well as the technology’s use in mobile payments. If you’re just starting to learn about NFC, you should begin here with the first post in the series to get caught up.Wells Fargo’s Pilot ProgramThe current pilot program, which began in December 2010, will run for six months, after which time, Wells Fargo will reevaluate the situation to determine what the next step may be. Those participating in the trial are sent either a Visa branded In2Pay microSD card which is inserted into a slot on their BlackBerry devices (Tour or Bold) or are provided with the In2Pay Case for iPhone (iPhone 3G or 3GS), which comes with a microSD card inserted into the case itself.The limited number of handhelds, and especially the exclusion of the iPhone 4, has to do with the long certification process involved in vetting the technology for use in these devices. When the process began, the iPhone 4 had not even launched yet.The NFC-Enabled Test ApplicationIn addition to the microSD card, which provides the NFC functionality itself, customers are also provided a special Wells Fargo mobile application to install on their phones. The app is sent out via email to participating users in the trial instead of being hosted in the publicly available mobile application stores like iTunes and BlackBerry App World so as not to confuse the bank’s other customers, who are not yet able to use the NFC features. sarah perez After installing the app on their phones, the testers tap a button on the sign in screen where they’re able to associate their current debit or credit card with the application. The trial uses “live” cards, not prepaid ones, for a more authentic real world experience.After the app is configured, customers can use their phone to make a payment anywhere Visa’s In2Pay contactless payments are accepted. In the San Francisco Bay Area, this includes locations like fast food restaurants, in taxis, sport eventing concession stands and even some vending machines.To use the service at the point-of-sale, customers launch the app and select “pay.” The reader lights up and beeps, indicating the payment has been processed. Customers have 20 seconds after tapping “pay” to complete the transaction.Wells Fargo decided to trial NFC with Visa’s In2Pay solution instead of a MasterCard or another company because Visa is the primary association for the cards issued by the bank. However, Ho said that the company is not stuck on any one solution when it comes to its use NFC technology, and is interested in talking to anyone involved in the space, including the mobile carriers.Beyond Mobile PaymentsHo also noted that NFC as a technology has potential beyond mobile payments. As it becomes incorporated into more handsets, more applications should come to fruition, he said.But even within a mobile wallet framework, there are possibilities for more features beyond just paying for purchases at checkout. Customers could be rewarded for positive behavior, for example, through the use of discount, coupons and offers.Wells Fargo plans to proceed cautiously in this area, though, because getting the offers portion wrong could annoy customers instead of help them. “How many times to you want to be notified of something?,” Ho asked. No one wants their phone buzzing all the time, he said. The mobile space allows for offers to be a richer experience than the offers sent out via bank statements, inserts and the Web, such as those that Wells provides now. But a customer should have to opt-in to receiving offers, especially location-based offers, on their phone. The phone’s interface provides a way the bank can talk directly to their customers, but this needs to be done only when you have a customer’s permission, he explained.Wells Fargo’s NFC application has another unique feature that also speaks to its customers’ desire for privacy and control: an “off” button. Although on the one hand, NFC technology provides much stronger security than mag stripe does, customers may feel more comfortable knowing that they can switch it off for added protection. This may send a somewhat confusing message to customers, though. If it’s so secure why does it need to be switched “off” when not in use? Ho says the switch may or may not make it to the final commercial product, if there is one.Wells Fargo is one of the four banks participating in Visa’s In2Pay pilot program here in the U.S. The others include U.S. Bank, Chase and Bank of America. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement Tags:#mobile#Trends Related Posts last_img read more

first_imgThe industry landscape changes constantly, so it’s easy to miss the latest news. This handy video industry news roundup can help get you caught up!Top image via Creative CowNAB is getting closer and closer, so you can expect more and more breaking industry news with each passing day. In fact, the flow of new products and service announcements has already started. Here are some recent headlines you might have missed!DJI Phantom 4The DJI Phantom 4 is a vast improvement on the already solid Phantom 3. With its new ActiveTrack capability, you can track moving subjects with ease. The Smart Return feature allows the drone to return home while avoiding obstacles in the process. The Phantom 4 is already available from DJI and is priced at $1399.We have recommended the DJI Phantom as the best drone you can buy for the last two years running. It has never been the cheapest option, and in the past competitors have bested it on certain features. The Phantom was sort of the iPhone of drones, the best overall package of price, power, and ease of use. But with the Phantom 4, DJI’s drone isn’t just the best overall offering, it’s also the most cutting-edge. — Ben Popper via The VergeRead more about the DJI Phantom 4.Video via The VergeFocused from ShutterstockIn the world of action sports video, production and promotion used to move at a slow pace. But with the advent of smart phones, tablets, and the GoPro, video production for action sports happens in an instant. With this in mind, Shutterstock has partnered with Red Bull Media to create a new online series called Focused that, well, focuses on action sports athletes and how they integrate and utilize video production.Because video technology is rapidly developing, many of these athletes have chosen video as a means to promote themselves and their sport. In the past, athletes spent years compiling enough footage to create full-length videos. — Niko BrownRead more news about Focused at Shutterstock.Video and above image via ShutterstockNew Sigma Super-Fast LensesAhead of NAB, Sigma has announced two new lens additions to their stable. These two lenses are the 50-100mm f/1.8 Zoom and the 30mm f/1.4 Prime, with the 30mm prime designed specifically for a Sony E-Mount. The zoom lens will run $1000 and the 30mm prime will start at $399.What’s interesting about this lens is its native Sony E-mount. The low price of $339 for such a fast lens could be very interesting for many video shooters and photographers as well, provided the quality is up to par. — Sebastian WoberRead more about these Sigma lenses at Cinema 5D.Panasonic Lumix GH54K filmmaking has been big business for camera manufacturers. But now that the market is flooded with 4K options, manufacturers are turning their focus to higher resolutions. Enter Panasonic, who is planning to launch a 6K mirrorless camera sometime during 2016. This camera is rumored to be the GH5, the successor to the popular Panasonic Lumix GH4.If this report turns out to be true, then it seems likely that the camera may be a GH5 that’s unveiled at Photokina 2016 this September in Cologne, Germany. — Michael Zhang of PetaPixelRead more news about the Panasonic Lumix GH5 at Suggestion of Motion.Panasonic Unveils VariCam LTIn other Panasonic news, the manufacturer is releasing a new version of the VariCam, its solid cinema camera. This new form factor, known as the VariCam LT, is compact and comes with pretty much the same specs as its big brother. The camera will release in March at a price point of between $18K-$24K.As for the price, it’s coming in at a suggested list price of $18K, and $24K with their OLED viewfinder. It’s worth noting that list prices can fluctuate from actual prices, so this may not be set in stone and could be lower when it’s actually released in March. — Joe MarineRead more news about the Panasonic VariCam LT at No Film School.Shrinking DSLR & Mirrorless MarketImage from Mirrorless RumorsIn a recent analysis of the camera industry based on statistics from LensVid.com, Nino Leitner uncovers a remarkable downward trend in the overall mirrorless camera market. Many believed that mirrorless cameras would dominate the market, but as you’ll read, that just isn’t the case.It’s very clear that the glory days of photo cameras seem to be numbered—2010 marked the peak in numbers of cameras being sold overall, and in 2015, the total sales were less than ONE-THIRD of the total photo camera sales of 2010. — Nino LeitnerRead more news about the shrinking DSLR market at Cinema 5D.SmallHD Budget MonitorSmallHD makes some of the very best monitors in the business, and now they’re releasing a series of budget monitors for film and video professionals. The monitors feature 7″ screens with 1280 x 800 resolution and will be priced at $699.With these two new budget options, the SmallHD 700 series becomes even more attractive, especially for mirrorless shooters or DSLR camera ops, who often struggle to focus and expose properly with the poor resolution and lack of proper tools on their built-in camera displays. — Ogy StoilovRead more news about the 701 & 702 Lite Monitors at 4K Shooters.What did we miss? Got any headlines to share? Let us know in the comments below.last_img read more

first_imgWest Indian Chris Gayle hammered a 16 ball 44 and Tillakaratne Dilshan hit an unbeaten 52 as Bangalore beat Kochi by nine wickets in the 50th IPL match of the season at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Sunday. Score | PhotosChasing 126, Bangalore were off the mark – Usain Bolt style as they reached the target on the first ball of the 14th over.In fact, calling their opening a flyer would be an understatement as Gayle and Dilshan were busy pounding the opposition bowlers.Gayle was especially brutal. The left-hander hit Prasanth Parameswaran all across the park scoring a record 37 runs off him in the third over of the innings. A six was followed by another six off a no ball, which again was followed by two fours and two sixes and finally a four to complete the over. And Gayle raced to 44 off 13 balls and the team total jumped to 66.Kochi managed to get their man in the next over with an R Vinay Kumar ball penetrating his defence to strike against his off stump when the team total was 67. But the damage was already done and there was little Kochi could to avoid that. Gayle scored 44 off 16 balls hitting three fours and five over the fence shots on the way.Then Virat Kolhi and Tillakaratne Dilshan batted with ease against a bowling attack that had already been rendered toothless post Gayle charge.In 10 overs Bangalore were sitting pretty on 109/1 and on the first ball of the 14th over they were home with 128/1 on the board.advertisementDilshan (52 n.o.) and Virat Kohli (27 n.o.) were at the crease when Bangalore cruised to an impressive nine-wicket win.Kochi inningsEarlier, Bangalore bowlers struck at regular intervals as Kochi managed to score 125/9 during their IPL match.Earlier, Kochi captain Mahela Jayawardene won the toss and elected to bat in the 50th IPL match of the season. Kochi openers Michael Klinger and Brendon McCullum started the innings with ease gradually increase the run rate. But their plan met a road block when Bangalore skipper Daniel Vettori got rid of McCullum in the sixth over on 22 when the team total was 43.With McCullum back in the dugout, Klinger too lost his rhythm and fell in the ninth over with Chris Gayle uprooting his middle stump on 24. Kochi were 64/2 post his fall.Then on the last ball of the 10th over Vettori scalped Kochi captain Mahela Jayawardene cheaply to reduce the opposition to 72/3. On the second ball of the next over Parthiv Patel got run out on 19 and Kochi were reduced to 73/4.There was no respite for the Kochi batsmen as Bangalore bowlers struck thick and fast. Bangalore’s left-arm medium-pacer Sreenath Aravind too joined the party by scalping Aussie Brad Hodge in the 14th over Zaheer Khan performing the final honours at short fine leg. Kochi were down to 89/5.Aravind struck again in the 18th over to despatch Raiphi Gomez and reduce Kochi to 106/1.With the Kochi tail visible, things became easy for the Bangalore bowlers as they quickly wrapped up the innings. However, Ramesh Powar and Prasanth Parameswaran remained unbeaten as Kochi managed to post 125/9 in 20 overs.last_img read more

first_imgThe 2006 NSW vs QLD State of Origin Series is set to commence on the 4 August at the home of the Brisbane Metropolitan Touch, Whites Hill.  The first games will start at 1.30pm with the first round of the Men’s Opens set down for a 2.30pm start.The full draw and all of the results from the series can be viewed at the State of Origin website.last_img

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Tottenham midfielder Eriksen pleased to prove matchwinnerby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen was pleased to prove the matchwinner against Burnley.Eriksen fired Spurs’ injury-time winner on Saturday.The Dane said, “It was very important. It’s been a tough but fun week with everything we’ve gone through – going through in the Champions League which we wanted and now a tough game against Burnley with difficult conditions, a difficult team to play against. It was great to come off the bench and help the team win the three points.”Any player who comes off the bench wants to have an impact on the game, trying to create something, trying to score or assist and luckily today I got the goal to get the three points. It was a very nice feeling.” last_img read more

first_imgMoussa Dembele firming as Man Utd January favouriteby Paul Vegas23 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United are ready to launch a January bid for Lyon striker Moussa Dembele.Le 10 Sport says United have had Dembele watched consistently this season – with scouts present since the campaign kicked off.While it’s been a bad start to the season for OL, who are winless after six games, Moussa Dembele has impressed. He has six goals (having scored 15 last season) and has been displaying career best form.Signed for €22m last year from Celtic, the 23 year-old is now valued at almost double that price. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img