Binghamton University students participate in simulation competition

first_img“How can we increase the ability to solve issues in a more sustainable way,” Rusin said. “It could be a transportation commissioner or a city manager so they serve their roles within that fake city,” she said. The program looks to make sure that today’s students are prepared to solve tomorrow’s problems. “This competition helps us get into the mode of becoming city managers and becoming financial advisers so that when we actually step into cities we’re helping to make them a real place and we’re engaged,” he said. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The NASPAA-Batten Simulation Competition has Public Administration and Sustainable Communities students at Binghamton University using fake cities to learn how to solve real life problems. “It’s giving them a real world opportunity to solve problems and see what this is going to look like when they get in the field,” she said. “Students are getting this real world experience so that when they leave our doors they are ready to step into that roll of solving problems across the US,” she said. Saturday’s competition is helping students get into that mindset. center_img “They’ll be working to solve CO2 emmissions issues, weather or not they need more sidewalks or more parking or more parks,” said Cory Rusin, Director of Recruitment and Internship Placement for the program. This involves tackling current modern day problems such as sustainability which is a major objective of Binghamton’s Public Administration program. The students then use their skills to solve problems within their cities, something that students say is critical in order to be prepared for jobs in the real world. As part of the NASPAA-Batten Simulation Competition, the students are broken up into groups and assigned a city. Each student is then assigned a role within that city. “For public administrators to do well we really need to get out there and get engaged and practice doing the work,” said Senegal Alfred Mabry, a masters student in the program. The city with the winning policy proposal will advance to the national competition at one of many sites across the country.last_img

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