Malinska clearly and loudly said “NO” to the closed concession

first_imgYesterday, in a hole-filled school sports hall in Malinska, the investor of Haludovo, Mr. Abramyan, accompanied by his closest associates, tried to convince the residents of Malinska that he needed a concession, or rather a right, to realize an investment plan focused on their well-being. to the exclusive use of the whole coast in front of Haludovo, in a total length of which a thousand feet.As hard as the position of the owner of Haludovo, Mr. Ara Abramyan, was that the beginning of any investment in Haludovo was necessary and the only precondition to allow him to close a kilometer of Malinska coast, through a closed concession, so firm and unwavering was the position of the other side – local public and local and regional administration that from such his plan, in short and clearly – can not and will not be anything.As the portal reports, Mayor of Malinska-Dubašnica Robert Anton Kraljić informed the locals that that morning in Zagreb they had a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of State Property, the Ministry of the Sea and the Ministry of Tourism and all gave unreserved support to this local government unit that there is no talk of creating fenced to our tourist places, especially on the maritime domain, it is only possibly possible that, in agreement with the local community, only the possibility of concessioning a smaller part of the coast is discussed. On the other hand, the deputy prefect of PGC Marina Medarić pointed out that the county is responsible for granting concessions on maritime property, but it always does so in agreement with the local government.The presentation of “Novi Haludov” did not impress Malinska at all, who reacted to the presented thumbnails and announcements of the construction of a swimming pool, marina, as many as six 5+ star hotels and a mountain of turbo-exclusive facilities worth 250 to 300 million euros. how the locals will be able to pass through the resort or above it, and for which it is willing to issue passes to the domicile population.Photo:”Haludovo is still covered by the Detailed Plan, which literally tomorrow allows you to build and reconstruct all its facilities, hotels and fishing village, only if you stop linking the investment to the issue of concession or” closing “the coast, which we will not agree to. pointed out Chief Kraljić.Nedo Pinezić said that at the time of his takeover of Haludov, Abramyan “in the dowry” got functional facilities and a tourist brand that worked well for decades and carried the tourism of Krk, but also Croatia, and the fact that he ruined it in the meantime is the sole fault of the owner or , which is more likely the result of the extremely poor associates and advisers he surrounded himself with, who had obviously given him very poor advice on the Haludos in recent years.Dr. Cerović pointed out to the owner of the hotel town that Valamar, Maistra, Falkensteiner, but also many other successful hotel companies today at the time when he was buying Haludovo, were buying facilities in the same or even worse condition than Haludovo was then. “See where they are today and where you are ”Stated Cerović and noted that those who did what was done with the destroyed Haludov, should not give lectures on tourism to the islanders because they know very well what tourism is.And at the end of it all, the two-hour, at times temperamental and electrified discussion concluded with Abramyan’s abrupt departure from the hall in which, he concluded, he no longer had reason to sit any further.COMMENTThere is no dialogue about the closed concession, and on the other hand the investor did not want to hear about any other investment opportunities, which brings the whole story back to the beginning, and that is that this former tourist pearl still stands in ruins after 18 years.The involvement of the local population as well as open dialogue and discussion should certainly be commended, regardless of the outcome. This is exactly the right direction, because the local population must be involved in all processes of tourist destination development, which is a rarity. Tourism is people, and a tourist destination is not a hotel, but the whole tourist destination. Without the synergy of the entire tourist destination, there is no long-term, sustainable and quality success.Personally, I am absolutely against giving closed concessions and turning closed resorts on our coast. Such a concept is of course in the business interest of every investor and it is legitimate and understandable, because every investor looks at how to get a return on investment as soon as possible and how to make a profit as well as possible. Every investor would like to have a closed concession or their “private” island, there is no better business opportunity, because all spending remains within the resort, you have maximum control, and in return an annual concession fee is paid. However, from the position of the destination and the local community, this is a very bad move because the natural resource and part of the coast are lost, while tourists who come to the destination do not leave the closed complex, and their consumption remains there. Where is tourism, local economy, development, local culture and way of life… Also, such a concept proved to be negative on examples in Turkey, Greece and Spain, both through the aspect of tourist destination development and through the economic aspect of the local community. At least if we look at the bigger picture, sustainability and long-term effect.What is your opinion on granting closed concessions to investors? Get involved in a constructive discussion HERElast_img

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