Open public consultation on the list of protected sites by counties

first_imgProtected units (localities) are determined by counties, ie national parks and nature parks in separate points due to belonging to the area of ​​one or more counties, and in the appendix on public consultation there is also current list of protected sites by counties. Accurate and quality interpretation is key. We need to care about the story being told about our history, heritage, identity, way of life and culture. It is important to detect from the attached which are the protected sites in Croatia in order to protect domestic tourist guides and even more important to protect the correct and true interpretation of our heritage and protected sites. Pursuant to Article 70, paragraph 4 of the Law on the Provision of Services in Tourism, the Ministry of Tourism has opened a public consultation on the list of protected sites by counties. regulates the provision of tourist guide services to citizens of another Contracting State to the Treaty on the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation on a temporary or occasional basis, in such a way that the same may provide tourist guide services in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, except on or in protected units (localities); this equates the position of the mentioned tourist guides with Croatian tourist guides who have passed only the general part of the professional exam:Authorization is given to the Minister of Tourism to prescribe, with the prior opinion of the Minister responsible for culture and nature protection, a rulebook for a list of protected sites (localities) which would be narrower than the current list of tourist sites (localities) by counties, and which would not include public areas, city squares, forests, parks and the like; We single out from the Law on the provision of services in tourism. Proposal of protected localities by counties Protected whole (locality) means an area, space or facility where they are located or which contains natural, cultural, historical, traditional and other values ​​on which tourist guide services can provide only an authorized tourist guide. Get involved in the public debate, now is the time to qualitatively define the list of all localities, it will be too late later. Attachment: Also, the Ordinance on the professional exam for tourist guides is under public discussion. This Ordinance prescribes the examination program of the professional examination for a tourist guide, the number of teaching hours, the composition of the examination commission, the conditions that must be met by the teaching staff and the manner of taking the examination. One of the negative implications in accordance with the amendments to the Law on the provision of services in tourism, and in accordance with EU regulations, is that it allowed foreign tourist guides to tell the story they want without any control and education about our history. sufficient, and have not undergone training for our sites. Rulebook on professional exam for tourist guides PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON THE LIST OF PROTECTED UNITS (LOCATIONS) BY COUNTIES RULEBOOK ON PROFESSIONAL EXAM FOR TOURIST GUIDESlast_img

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