CFB 150 celebration kicks off at College Football Hall of Fame

first_imgMORE: SN preseason All-Americans, top 25 and more”If you are really excited every year for that kickoff,” Hatchell said, “this gives you a chance to kind of reflect upon some of the aspects that can get by you in the quick pace of life that we live now with football.”The event marks the beginning of the CFB150 campaign, led by executive director Kevin Weiberg.“It’s been a lengthy process for me and to see the season now approaching and all the discussions and plans coming to fruition is really nice,” Weiberg said.Hatchell and Weiberg grew up with the Oklahoma-Nebraska rivalry in the 1970s and ’80s, and that’s just part of the view that will be on display Wednesday in Atlanta. For Hatchell, the best part isn’t one player, coach, rivalry or “Game of the Century,” all of which will be featured in the College Football 150th Specialty Exhibit, delivered by UPS. It’s the moment he gets to talk to board members, CEOs and college football fans across the country.”It might be the greatest mechanism for people to just be themselves and talk,” Hatchell said. “That’s why we reflect on the fact there are 775 colleges and universities playing football because everybody has their story. Everybody has their guys. That’s what makes it so spectacular.”It’s a special season for the National Football Foundation, marking the 30th anniversary of the William V. Campbell Trophy — also known as the “Academic Heisman” — and the 60th anniversary of the MacArthur Bowl — the first trophy given to a national champion — in 1959. To help commemorate that, Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s desk will be on display at the College Football Hall of Fame.Hatchell said MacArthur’s leadership has helped shape the NFF to this day.”It’s having a fantastic board of directors and keeping a focus on what’s good in the game,” Hatchell said. “They care about the game. That’s the No. 1 thing, and a lot of that emanated from Gen. Douglas MacArthur.”MORE: Ranking college football coaches 1-130 for 2019Weiberg, meanwhile, has worked with the conferences and networks since 2017 to market the CFB150 campaign, and there are special events scheduled, ranging from the opener with Villanova and Colgate on Aug. 24 to the College Football Playoff championship game in New Orleans on Jan. 13. On Wednesday, Nov. 6, the campaign will honor the anniversary of the first college football game between Rutgers and Princeton with a special commemoration at Rutgers, and again at the game between Miami (Ohio) and Ohio later that night.”We’re looking very much forward to the season,” Weiberg said. “And as much as anything watching how universities, broadcast networks and those who cover the sport will roll the anniversary stuff into their plans for the season.” Those plans will be detailed in Atlanta on Wednesday and on display at the exhibit. For Hatchell, that means another chance to slow down and appreciate the game of college football.”The first thing you realize is you don’t have enough space,” Hatchell said. “It’s kind of like using a bookmarker in a book. … You read a book and say, ‘Boy this is great.’ … But you have to read it again to see all the aspects you missed the first time around.”The event will run from 5-7:30 p.m. ET at the College Football Hall of Fame on Wednesday. Visit for more. College football’s 150th anniversary is fast approaching, and that yearlong celebration will start in grand fashion at the Chick-Fil-A College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta on Wednesday.A new exhibit — along with a foundational artifact — will be unveiled, along with plans for how ESPN will cover the 150th season, which opens on Aug. 24. For Steve Hatchell, the president and CEO of the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame, this season comes with a little more anticipation than others.last_img

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