Nephew jailed for pawning uncle’s property

first_imgNeville Haynes was on Friday sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment by Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly after he admitted to fraudulently converting household items belonging to his uncle and valuing $670,000.A smiling Neville HaynesThe Prosecution’s case was that, on April 10, the household items were entrusted to Neville Haynes by Orin Haynes for safe keeping after Orin Haynes was asked to leave his ex-wife’s home. Neville Haynes agreed to keep the items until his uncle returned.Upon returning one month later, Orin Haynes learnt that his nephew had been in custody, charged with assault. He later visited the accused at the station, and while there, he inquired about the items he had left with him and was told, “It deh home”.Orin Haynes later went to the location to collect his items, but was given a receipt which stated that the items had been pawned by the accused.He reported the matter to the Police, and Neville Haynes was charged.last_img

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