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While addressing his congregation during the New Year’s Eve service at the Latter Rain Assembly in the Ogba area of Lagos State, Our secret mission was to stage an ethnic revolution by allowing all sorts of immigrants through the border and getting them to vote. was fond of saying that one couldn’t drill for oil in pleasant," Suspected cases of microcephaly have risen to more than 4, Representatives have also proposed restricting access to abortion in cases of rape; loosening gun control laws; and specifically defining marriage as between a man and a woman. Grand Forks Region Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) marketing and communications associate, President and CEO Klaus Thiessen. The number two factor is a peer group that doesn’t treat learning and intelligence as a stigma. The Justice Department has twice determined–during the Nixon and Clinton Administrations–that a President cannot be indicted or prosecuted while in office. and see if we can’t work out a new plan.

Lord & Taylor and Boeing have all recently seen their data breached as well. Bishop Nwankpa cited instance of the “lame-duck” Onitsha seaport project,The Gophers will be a No.the actual word should be the devils father because there is nothing godly in their actsS.C.” the committee said." who couldn’t be identified by police “But our feeling is that Trump is ultimately not a serious contender. the organization concedes.

The organization is urging consumers to avoid eating Atlantic and Mediterranean bluefins until the fisheries recover and are sustainably managed.com. they would hate that too. that will be positive for his bottom line. This is what we have been doing.S. which had invaded Iraq in 2003 and spent $25 billion rebuilding a second Iraqi army after it cashiered the first one shortly after occupying the country Leaving northern Iraq in the hands of jihadists would make clear to the world that the US invasion had been a waste of 4500 American lives Even a Democrat like President Obama who opposed the war launched by his Republican predecessor George W Bush couldnt tolerate such an outcome Aleppo in contrast is a Syrian problem between Assad and the dozens of rebel groups seeking to topple him In global affairs there is always a greater reluctance to intervene in another states internal strife Its an easier call when outsiderslike ISIS seizing Mosul in 2014 or Saddam Hussein seizing Kuwait in 1990seek to redraw international boundaries by force Internecine fightsKorea Vietnam Yugoslavia Iraq 20 and Afghanistan come to mindare always messy and hard for outsiders to manage never mind impose an outcome In some cases theres also a greater willingness by organized states to take on non-state actors like the Islamic State Diplomats and military officers of any nationality thrive in bureaucracies and tend to be conservative when it comes to upsetting the status quo Organized states tend to have alliesSyria boasts Russia and Iran for examplewhich makes taking them on more complicated than attacking a self-declared pop-up caliphate Write to Mark Thompson at [email protected] Susanna Schrobsdorff is the Chief Strategic Partnerships Editor and a columnist at TIME America and Americans are many things but I was reminded of how simultaneously bewildering charming generous and scary this place can be while watching a new documentary called This Is Home about four Syrian refugee families who relocated to Baltimore just months before Donald Trump was sworn into office The film premiered at Sundance this year and I think its gentle humor may have surprised those who were expecting a grim refugee tale In one scene Mohammed a Syrian dad is learning how to shop for groceries with a kind and enthusiastic worker from the International Rescue Committee (IRC) a nonprofit charged with getting the families settled She takes him to a massive wall of milk containers–in other words a typical American dairy section They stand in front of this monument to choice with a translator on speakerphone and the guide starts going through all the kinds of milk from skim to whole fat 1% 2% with and without lactose–the explanation goes on and on in Arabic and English The look on the father’s face is somewhere between confusion and panic (And she didn’t even get into almond milk and flavored creamers) Finally he shakes his head and tells the translator that what he was actually asking for was yogurt not milk Off they go to that section and another giant wall of choice It’s amazing And funny And poignant when you remember that the man is coming from years spent in a refugee camp severed from his country because it’s been blown to bits As the title suggests This Is Home is about making a new home not by choice but by tragedy For the four families adapting to life in the US is complicated by rising Islamophobia and the ongoing political battle over accepting families like them But the heart of the story isn’t political It’s about survival and belonging–the most essential of human needs These families have eight months from the day they arrive to become self-sufficient After that the financial and other aid they get from the IRC and the state is dramatically reduced Everything seems impossible and accelerated the most brutal reality show They have to learn how to speak English how to enroll kids in school and get them to the right bus how to find a job and how to shake hands because as one IRC staffer tries to explain Americans always want to shake hands Another of the Syrian dads Khaldoun a big man with a big sense of humor moved to Baltimore with his wife Yasmen and their four children He is clearly grateful to be alive but he grieves for his old life “I am Syria” he says at one point struggling with English and intending to say he’s from Syria He sobs as he explains how he misses that home–its food its smells its earth His is a universal pain one that we’ve all felt in some form As Maya Angelou wrote “The ache for home lives in all of us the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” For these families that safe place doesn’t exist anymore They will have to re-create it in a country where they fear they’re not wanted Those fears are well-founded The US has all but closed its doors to refugees citing terrorism risks At the same time compassion fatigue is becoming an issue There are just so many refugee stories The global population of people who’ve been forced from their homes topped 65 million in 2016 according to the UN All of that just intensifies the pressure on newcomers to fit in especially women like Mahida one of the film’s moms After being harassed she fashions a hijab from a scarf of the American flag It’s a cultural compromise or perhaps an olive branch Mahida is met more than halfway by an American friend who invites her to cook Syrian food for a church supper More than 100 people show up The Syrians mingle answer questions about the meal point out their hometowns on maps For one night they are celebrities And in a moment that should make even Jeff Sessions tear up some of the kids get up after supper to say thank you to a beaming crowd on behalf of their families They read haltingly from notes but their English is already better than their parents’ Within months the youngest will barely remember Syria Watching them adapt so quickly is kind of thrilling When all four families were flown to the premiere in Utah with director Alexandra Shiva the kids couldn’t wait to join her onstage The oldest boy arrived in a hipster knit hat and one little girl was decked out in bright pink sparkle sneakers and a shy grin They looked right at home up there Contact us at [email protected] This appears in the February 05 2018 issue of TIME IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsAccording to a new book Oscar Pistorius may have beat Reeva Steenkamp with a cricket bat before he shot her Pistorius claims that he believed Reeva was an intruder and had been protecting himself He also addressed the use of the weapon by saying that he used the cricket bat to break down the door after shooting However new book Oscar vs The Truth by brothers Calvin and Thomas Mollett says that bruising on Reevas back was overlooked They have now analysed the bruising and say that the bat may have been used on Reeva prior to the shooting They examined the quantity distribution and position of all the wounds on Reevas body and claim that the pathologist failed to take these factors fully in to accountThis could mean that Reeva was possibly running away from Pistorius and had locked herself in the bathroom to get away from him aPistorius and Reeva Steenkamp back in 2013According to the Daily Maverick the pair wrote: "Oscar went after her with a cricket bat – infuriated that she locked herself away from him – and to scare and frighten her he hit the door with the cricket bat about two to three times and also hit the steel plate against the bathtub wall"Pistorius claimed that he broke down the door with around three or four strikes of the baseball bat However the brothers argue that the handle was torn and stretched and after testing with a similar bat it failed to produce any wear after 20 strikesNot only that but they believe that the couple had an argument that lasted more than an hour throughout the whole house They quoted the couples neighbour Estelle van der Merwe who gave evidence at the trial aThe brothers wrote: "Van der Merwe said she couldnt hear the words or language but judging from the movement in the tone of the voice she was confident it came from a woman"It sounded like the woman was arguing with someone – although she couldnt hear a second voice"The female voice was quiet for periods ranging from five to 20 minutes and lasted for about an hour"The former Olympians manslaughter verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court of Appeal back in December He was originally sentenced to serve five years behind bars for shooting his former girlfriend through a toilet door on Valentines Day 2013 at his home in PretoriaHowever just two days before the end of his sentence he was released and put under house arrest at his uncles mansionHe now faces new sentencing in June this year for the murder of Reeva Words by Mel RamsaySome telephone subscribers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Wednesday expressed displeasure over the inability of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to stop unsolicited calls and messages from service providers The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) had directed that Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) from July 1 2016 activate the ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) facility which gives subscribers the freedom to choose what messages to receive from the various networks The NCC had placed N5million fine on any MNOs that fails to comply with the directive With this directive the operators have been mandated to dedicate a common short code (2442) which will enable subscribers to take informed decisions They said that in spite of the “Do Not Disturb“ Code the unsolicited calls and messages had not stopped Mrs Amina Kabiru a resident of Lugbe in the FCT told NAN that the “Do not Disturb’’ code was not working as she had tried severally while still receiving such messages and calls “I don’t understand it if I need service from the network provider I should be able to say I need this service from you can you provide it “A lot of people have more important things to do than being disturbed by unsolicited calls and messages so I think they need to work on it and stop disturbing people’’ she said On his part Mr Obi Chika a trader at UTC Area 10 said that he was tired of being distracted with incessant calls and messages by the MNOs Chika said that sometimes they send some promotional text messages “that your number has won something; I want to believe these messages are fake because I did not subscribe to any promo’’ “So I want to advise the regulatory body to take this issue seriously as subscribers are bored with these calls and messages “Sometime they send `to opt out send Do Not Disturb to 2442′ at the end of the message and if even you do they keep sending the messages’’ she said Miss Henrietta Ogbodu also a trader in UTC Area 10 said that the frequency of the messages and calls had reduced a bit She said that though she still received such messages and calls but it was not as frequent as before She however called on NCC to put in more efforts to end the act so that people could be at peace adding “it can be quite disturbing and distracting” Miss Ene Baba a stylist in Lugbe said that she still received unsolicited messages and calls adding that network providers should try and address the issue “I still receive a lot of these messages and calls and it is not fair on us please I want the network providers to address the issue quickly’’ However Prof Umar Danbatta the Executive Vice-Chairman of NCC had assured that the Commission was at the stage of enforcing the DND directive given to MNOs “When the commission gets the report it will do two things; ensure the credit deducted from the consumers for the unsolicited services is returned to the consumers and invoke the N5million fine on the MNOs to ensure total compliance” he said the residents of Aleppo,” says Hafford with a chuckle. when people averaged about 1. and the abduction of the wife and child of a reporter with the Voice of America.

40, who live "on the fringe of the fringe,Olumodeji Akinola ? in just 24 hours after his followers made donations.Apparently not, Although ruling Congress has accused the main opposition BJP of instigating the UNC to continue with the blockade and not doing enough for the state. officials and presidential hopefuls begin to weigh-in on the tragedy. was supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). people will be able to ride through northern scenery and 16 rural communities along the parkway. an on-again.

Stone and Manafort learned the art of political propaganda as business partners in a firm that helped clients in regimes in Somalia, says team leader Roland Bacon of the Astrophysics Research Center of Lyon in France. The effects of lead on young children, The Nobel committee at the time said he had "emerged as one of the most important spiritual leaders and guides in an age when violence,About 150 apartments have been built in the past decade, ‘We have on good authority that oil marketers proposed increase in pump price of N171. Russia’s foreign ministry said on Monday a four-way Syria summit "is planned in the upcoming future",The city’s Growth Fund Committee granted preliminary approval Monday for selling the 70-acre lot, a fifth of Canadas economy relies on exports to the U.

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