Seize the optimization details are not difficult to learn to make you life beneficial action

of the link, from the beginning, generally refers to the relationship between the Links. To know the number of friends of the chain to a site should not be more than forty, then the forty friends of the chain means to tell the search engines, everyone think this refers to the target site is recommended, if the correlation between sites on the recommendation, then recommended the authority and credibility will be higher, so grab correlation between the friends of the chain is very important.

website optimization optimization strategy of both macro, but also micro optimization strategy, this paper is focusing on the micro optimization strategy, which is often said that the optimization of the details. General optimization strategy is to guide the optimization of macro direction of staff, just like sailing on the sea at the helm, the macro strategy is the helmsman, and micro strategy is related to the specific optimization steps, and meet the requirements of macro strategy, so as to achieve one plus one to two of the optimization effect.

site map is currently optimization staff is easy to overlook the details of some of the site map.

two, pay attention to the use of media

site map into text form

media can not only to advertise your website, also can give you the site optimization, in addition to the media website, carrier publishing content can also be used in a wide range of media, such as the use of pictures and videos, and is not a simple word, you know now the network video is very popular, but also is expected to become the entrance of the mobile Internet, so the optimization approach can cut diversified media to help you optimize, these pictures and video posted to the related news website, of course, can also be released to Youku and other video sites, but was released at the same time, should pay attention to the ALT and TITLE settings, this is the key details of the optimization the need to mention is to site keywords, search engine to help you make sure your site weight, and increase your website.

, a link betweenThe correlation between

general optimization details are many, if you want everything about a book, I also cannot say, optimize the details of this paper is to discuss from three aspects to discuss, the so-called core optimization details, seize the three details, basically can touch by analogy, let the optimization work to achieve a multiplier.


but there is relatively little and now involves a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the details of the link is not limited to the limitations of Links, but extends to the outside of the chain, or the chain optimization Personnel issued on other sites have to pay attention to the content of links to the web page and has certain correlation. If you is a simple pseudo original content, and then casually inserted a irrelevant links and content, coupled with the guidelines of the link is not extended to these contents, then the chain not only can not bring you the optimization effect, but also counterproductive, so this is the optimization of the staff should pay special attention to the details.

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