Starting from the perspective of the user experience of the Shanghai Dragon

"who hate missing the title:

The performance of the server

is a web site for others to see, and want others to remember, a brief with keyword domain name users are more likely to remember more easily spread, people love the same love search engine.

high quality content is the root of the website:

Shanghai Phoenix as a free website promotion way more and more attention, many people devote themselves to the study of various Shanghai dragon skills, and to differentiate the black hat Shanghai dragon, white dragon Shanghai, each change of search engine in Shanghai Longfeng Er eyes means to do some small adjustments to the site, and even many people began to search engine hate each adjustment, website optimization and search engine is more and more opposition, actually search engine is in every adjustment to improve the user experience, think of the original search engine is what kind of, everywhere is filled with duplicate content, advertising website is full of keywords but no actual content sites everywhere therefore, even there are many porn sites. And now you have found the search content content is more and more related to the quality of the website is more and more high, all this is the search engine in the continuous improvement of the results of the user experience. Below the author from the perspective of the user experience to analyze some optimization techniques in the eyes of Shanghai dragon er.

any websites hope to the greatest degree of customer retention, good website structure is particularly important. Imagine a customer through some channels to your website, after reading an article feel good, but do not understand very well, or to some professional words is not very understanding, this time are given timely links or other similar articles is the glossary of the link, the user is so happy. This web site search engine can not pay attention to it.

Good website structure is more conducive to ranking:

the earliest do not zayang, when your site.

each page should have a unique title like everyone has the same name, if you have no "title or title are the same in such a mass of information in the estimation of no one will look, this is the search engine attaches great importance to the web page title.

Alt markers are very important to image:

when a user searches for a keyword in the search engine after many pages can open, the content is the same, if we can solve the problem better, if not solve the problem, the user is quite depressed. If your site is everywhere to collect content, just open a website to see, users first feeling is not professional, a website that is everywhere copy what website. A rarity, all things natural elegance is not up. So high quality, with a unique view of the content that users will love. This website search engine that is absolutely not pay attention to his loss.

brief with keyword domain name better:

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