Analysis on the influence of the history of website optimization

many webmaster friends all know, if a website for longer periods of time, then this site will have a natural weight, of course is the premise of this station is included in the search engine, we can understand this is the time effect of the site, and this is the time effect is, for example, the same two sites the modification of several title tags, we assume that one is a NetEase, is only a few months of the station, then, we all know the results is that the NetEase will be nothing, the search engine will be the first time the new index of NetEase ", and grab the other column page and the inside pages are modified, see title, if changed, will soon re crawl; and station are likely to be K. Many friends will simply think that this is because the weight of the two sites to the small Xiao admitted that this was one of the factors, but Xiao think that is time effects in the inside, simply said, is because the NetEase is an old station, the station is a new station, for different search engines the biggest reason is because they punished two websites of different ages, recognized by search engines level are very different.

second: time effect is to first search engines to the time criterion

search engine many reflect time effect, and in the search engine algorithm plays a big role, Xiao Xiao believes that time effect has the following characteristics:

webmaster friends all know, many factors affect the site ranking, as many as 200 kinds, and each share of the weight factors are not the same, ranking all the accumulated weight, on the formation of the status of the website in the search engine, that is simple ranking performance, and Xiao and we hope that the discussion is the influence the length of history website optimization.

: the first time effect is search engine algorithm of initial weight factor

, that is to say, the website is given when the site was first included in the initial weights according to the time effect given, if the site stopped, the domain to another.

webmaster friends all know, the influence factors of ranking score is the mutual influence, change a factor which leads to the change of other factors, the final form of the weight of the entire site, this is reflected, but the butterfly effect, Xiao Xiao believes that in the search engine started crawling a station when the site will give an initial weight and the initial weight is a constant, personally think that the initial weights may be the domain name categories and the site for the first time included time determined, included time is a constant weight, and the weights are given according to different categories such as domain name, domain name org given 3 of the weight, weight edu, domain name given 2 com, CN domain name given 1 weights and so on, so that the weight and the weight of the domain name included time accumulated became the initial weight of the site, Since then, the weight change site for changes in the initial weights on the basis of the.

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