gnore the website jump out rate

then lead to what causes a high bounce rate is the website? Generally have the following situations:

The reduction of The other 1.

said the bounce rate is a very important site data. Because the bounce rate is measured to access quality. Will Google website jump out rate as an important reference factor rating. Because of the high bounce rate that is not a website performance is not good, experience is not good, is not related to the page and visitors. As a result, Google may drop in a keyword ranking.

every day we are concerned with a variety of data, including website traffic, keyword ranking, included and so on.


believes that through this article, many of my friends have new understanding of the bounce rate, but also to go to the website optimization, improve website weight. Of course, more.

webmaster want more visitors, more and their site traffic increased, keyword ranking, included increased. However, if you want to optimize the website, one of the most important data can not be ignored, the bounce rate is.

website jump out rate is how to define the

4. will be placed on the page search function position

left click the back buttonClose the browser


3.Enter the new URL

2. each time you visit the page number: 4.6 seconds

7. outbound links or specified in the new window open

2. content associated with the keyword

if the bounce rate is so important, what can we do to reduce the rate of jump out, enhance the site overall weight, the host gives the following comment to hope to solve the problem of high bounce rate.

1. high ranking keyword

6. remove the


?Google official definition of

4. new visitors proportion: 62.9%

website: 190.4 seconds

5. to improve the code, speed up page loading

above is some of the more common causes of website high jump out rate. At the same time, we can see a set of data, the average rate of data out of the website, webmaster friends can be compared with their own data to see if your website is not jump out of the high rate of.

2. page

3. bounce rate: 40.5%

The correlation between

3. the establishment of a clear navigation bar


is given: single page access (to leave to visit a page).


The average residence time of 1.

website click on the page link

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