Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform nstitute launched a wonderful course of exposure

, on-line channels, carrying the thousands of people’s concern and hope, finally to love Shanghai vice president Wang Haifeng’s message as the end of this paper, but also as a webmaster school incentive: "love Shanghai Webmaster Platform is an important window of love Shanghai search engine, set the webmaster college can let the webmaster better to understand and use our platform, and thereby building more high-quality website, so that all users can benefit in using the search engine. This is a very meaningful event, wish stationmaster college better and better."

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform valuable "College" channel to catch the grand line at the end of 2014, this channel will sound from the love of Shanghai authorities for the owners and present search engines and various construction, operation and maintenance and other aspects of the search engine extends out of the curriculum, designed to help meet the construction practitioners of the Internet search engine specification, with high quality site user experience.

with stationmaster college, five excellent courses along the line, "love Shanghai", "work principle", "construction site", "construction site optimization", "mobile search", a detailed official courseware to express love Shanghai search engine attitudes and standards, guidelines in the construction and operation of websites less detours, help enhance the value of. The follow-up will launch more online courses, please pay attention to the webmaster. At the same time the master Q & a section also collected a database, such as crawling webmaster tools, common problems for the site, convenient owners to quickly solve difficult.

in early July 2014, Shanghai launched the "love Webmaster Platform VIP forum", through the line will spread love Shanghai search engine related knowledge, the school will be able to compensate for the channel line teaching small audience limitations, let more Adsense benefit.

The grand opening of

direct link: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/collegeact

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