A snapshot of a substantial correction is a precursor to K station

snapshot believe that many people are not unfamiliar, whether novice webmaster or senior webmaster for snapshot, more or less have some experience. But you know what? If a snapshot file, so you have to be careful, because this is the precursor to the station was K. Of course, do not rule out some unexpected correction factors like Shanghai, (for example: www.***贵族宝贝 this site registration time is March 3, 2013, but the snapshot is visited in December 3, 2012, this is a serious warning given by the love of Shanghai). Small many times by the K station experience tells me that if the snapshot is accompanied by a substantial correction in some keywords ranking sharply back, this time to the timely processing of a website, but improper handling, or ignore your station is likely in a month or even shorter time by sea K out of love.

so, these problems we should do? First, to find out from the site of their own problems, check the website content updates, see the recent update site article is original. If your station is the original article or is the quality of the original, so this point can be ruled out. But if it is a large collection of articles, please immediately stop, updated daily 5-10 pure original articles and keep from now on, and the link address to release some high weight website. In order to ensure the love of spiders in Shanghai can quickly crawl to the page.

second, check the chain resources, check their chain have substantially reduced, or is the most recent period in the chain is gradually reduced. As we all know, a large part of the weight of the website is from the outside of the chain, the chain high weight can rapidly increase the weight of the website. If you are outside of the chain gradually reduce or last for a long period of time in the manufacture of garbage chain, so you have to be careful.

third, a chain of resources, high quality Links is a good chain, but a lot of friends of the chain website snapshot or correction is a chain of a large number of sites being K away, and you don’t remove the other link, Shanghai will probably find you love doing publicity for a garbage site so put your station into the assessment period. This time if there is no time to deal with the problem, it is only waiting to be K station.

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