Rapid analysis of five steps on the basic data of the website


webmaster for the related domain of the Shanghai love each have their own views, and the so-called love Shanghai related domain can also be said to be.


fell in love with the sea included

know to the chain to improve the site ranking nature will need the support of quality, and the webmaster in the webmaster circle is widely recognized by the chain number through YAHOO query is more accurate, for which we do not discuss. Then the owners are paying special attention to the chain of YAHOO, naturally in the analysis of the web site data, also should take the important factors into account. Webmaster all know the chain helps to improve website ranking weight, therefore, in the analysis of the web site the basic data, analysis of the web site outside the chain of YAHOO is indispensable, although YAHOO does not support the chain query, but there are other tools available.

is through love Shanghai query information needed in 80% of China’s Internet users, so the webmaster do is to make a web site in love Shanghai more good, so can the numerous long tail keywords to get more traffic. Through the analysis of the web site included the amount of time is also the analysis of how the number of the site has been included in Shanghai’s love, the more the number of website owners are aware, only to be included, for the website optimization of long tail keywords to get traffic effect is better. But at this point is also the webmaster in the basic data analysis of the website of the most fundamental, a common sense is also done for each optimization webmaster all know. Because the site was included in Shanghai love more, then the surface of the site is very good for the love of Shanghai impression, but also love Shanghai think this website exists or value.

in China love Shanghai alone big, but because of Google’s influence in the world and its search engine technology, the owners in the analysis of the web site data when it is necessary to combine the included Google. I have no further study Google rankings, in general, based on the analysis of their opponents have to look at the site, in Google, the amount collected daily included quantity, history included and so on. Through the webmaster query tool that these data can be, and this is the only love for Shanghai optimization webmaster is not essential, if you do is foreign trade or foreign language type website, so Google should also pay attention to.

Google included

webmaster in website optimization, website data analysis should be good at his rival. Some of the most basic data should be mastered, or you want to go beyond, website ranking than the opponent, even the most basic site data do not know how to transcend? But for the webmaster, the best teacher is the competition. So, how to transcend beyond, from which, we must first credit how basic data analysis of competitors, should analyze what kind of data. Today I talk about how to master basic data analysis of the website of the.

rival chain

love Shanghai related domain

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