Analysis on scientific Shanghai dragon from the web log 200064 status code data

in the windows command prompt input: net helpmsg 64, we see the "enter the specified network name is no longer available". This was confirmed by a Hot Blog view network session: failure, request may arrive. It is not possible to be a spider crawling in the server, the server resources is not enough, the request failed? The Fuqing Shanghai dragon reservations.

said grab; precursor station;

1, 64 64 bit system;

4, 64 said "no update;

has been pretty much enthusiastic reply, we have the following seven versions:

today at the A5 forum and found the problem, so the floor company web log analysis to download their own services, find it necessary to correct some wrong ideas, do science Shanghai dragon.


, 64 times

5, 64 K

Then the following decryption failure;

2, the random check a few days of log files, found that almost every day there are 200064 code;

Fuqing Shanghai dragon service floor enterprise website examples to parse the log 200064 this phenomenon.

4, the command prompt DNS check command NSLOOKUP to confirm the love of spiders in Shanghai, Baiduspider IP hostname named *.baidu贵族宝贝 format.

6, 64 said that the site in the examination period;

first, we first analyze the 200064 status code in the windows system the specific meaning.

1, the first enterprise website is using independent IP server, Jiangsu telecommunications room;


I just started last year in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon Why reward a website IIS log problem about description is: love Shanghai spiders crawl the site log, why there will be 200064 code 64? What

5, the same method of judging other appearance;

7, 64 said the spider on the website Gzip compression

3, 64 normal, do not need to pay attention;

3, the author found in the log file this love Shanghai 2197.html when spiders crawl 200064 status code;

due to the original Fuqing Shanghai dragon experience is not enough, there is no detailed analysis of Web log, so things settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. But through some data to find their own heart, feeling vaguely associated with the server or network status, the specific reason that does not come out.

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