On the home page included less vice page included many reasons

why my homepage is not ideal? I analyzed the content of the page, my home page is ISO knowledge related content, not new, so the quality is not high, many sites have love, Shanghai spiders have collected this information before, so there is no appeal to the love of spiders in Shanghai plus, my site is only a month, it is still a new site, the study periods, so not included also is normal.


why my home did not do while the forum included

3, make full use of forum and blog, do the chain optimization, write some high quality soft, put in the chain within the chain is soft, not included in the page, also can play the effect of


based on the above situation, I am very worried about my website forum if things go on like this, the weight will be higher than the page weight, how to change this situation? Summarizes the following improvement plan;

to attract spider! More than

these days have been very depressed, my new website Shi Jie advisor love Shanghai snapshot has remained in February 13th, the new vice page Shi Jie advisor ISO forum did the day included, has been in the analysis of the reasons, I first introduced the site or under the bar, my site is about training ISO certification consulting and management. Is a management consulting company, I am on the website of the two directories built enterprise blog – new blog and new consultant Shi Jie Shi Jie advisor ISO forums, blogs and forums are for the enterprise network promotion service.

for some new Shi Jie consulting summed up the feelings, want to give the same webmaster some inspiration, thank you

Author: Shi Jie new consultant 贵族宝贝newsj.org

2, the chain home page, this is very important, the content is king, the chain for the emperor, the better way is the site map, and then go to some forums, leaving the home page link address, attract spider, spider will follow it, collection of pages.

1, and strive to improve the website content quality, we often mention the content is king, this is richard. The Shanghai spiders love love fresh blood, so only in the content of work.

I made a careful analysis of the reason, my new forum – Shi Jie advisor ISO forum are updated every day, and write some soft "in Figure 2" embarrassed the first quarter and the second quarter, the third quarter, the fourth quarter of… Published in the famous forum, A5 forum, Tianya forum, etc., are taken to attract spiders, soon to be included, the spider crawling to the new Shi Jie advisor ISO forum, the forum included so the situation is still relatively ideal.

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