A product page can do a breadcrumb navigation

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e-commerce website, a product may belong to more than one category, that is to say you click different categories according to path may be the same product, this situation is very common, I believe we have seen. Because of this, the product page may have different URL, but different URL corresponding to the same page is not recognized by search engines, so now most of the site is the same with the web site. But the problem here, a product page corresponding to a URL, there is only one bread crumbs navigation, users from different category path click over to see the same breadcrumb navigation, it completely ignored the click on the path of the user, users may even confused, this is not my click category? It is not a mistake? So this is certainly not true role play out bread crumbs navigation.

then how should do?

can give the same product different breadcrumbs, certainly not on a page to increase more breadcrumbs, but for the same product to create different URL pages as well as corresponding to different breadcrumbs, so after the user clicks will correspond to different bread crumbs. Some may ask, this is not caused by the same products, different URL of the same page competition? It says the search engine is not allowed, the wooden Shanghai dragon no nonsense, we continue to look down.

breadcrumb navigation is a very common very useful navigation system, especially the electronic commerce website, product variety, breadcrumb navigation is the essential thing. Breadcrumb navigation reflects the hierarchy website, allowing users to understand the current location, and the location of the current page in the website, to guide the user traffic, users can greatly reduce the bounce rate, in addition to breadcrumb navigation is the chain system of a website is very good, is conducive to the love of spiders in Shanghai on the site to grab, and the search engine will have a breadcrumb into search results, so the optimization of the breadcrumb navigation, use of keywords, but also in Shanghai Longfeng optimization.

then, repeat the question, we are on the same page to talk about the different URL is very simple, is with the Canonical label, after the establishment of a number of bread crumbs navigation, select a standard, and then add the Canonical label on the other page, I see a lot of foreign large e-commerce sites, many of them in use this method to enhance the user experience of the website, also.

was the first to give the same products a breadcrumb different? A plurality of bread crumbs will confuse the search engine spiders in the same product page? The search engine can correctly understand the logical structure of the website? Google is to say: you can have multiple breadcrumb navigation in a single page and it may help Google, also can let the user know. Obviously, such a method is the support of Google, this is for sure.

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