Not just the ranking algorithm! Large website needs to be changed

saw earlier contact with Shanghai dragon industry Chen Yanzhou teacher in the WeChat public account palm (yeshu_chen) published an article "the" large web sites need to be changed, the main ideas are of great value, especially to the webmaster do a share:

?A few days ago

but it did not enter the Box Computing system on other sites, is a fatal blow. This is business, there is no way. But it did not enter the Box Computing system website, also have no space for change. With the information of large website for example, the traditional information website is to provide a chapter of the content of the information, I think it is time for large website content form and content of the organization to make some changes.


The development of

array time recently, with more than one large web chat with friends, search over the flow of import less, very distressed, I do not know how to do.

out participants exchange and communicate with the webmaster friends, to finally become always accept the trash Tucao, is nothing more than "big search traffic is more and more not to engage in", "Shanghai dragon do not go, I should go home"… Is… Shanghai dragon in addition to optimizing the structure of the site, TDK, of combing love Shanghai there is no other algorithm more high-end things you can do

Of course,

search engine especially love Shanghai very early in promoting standardization. I am from a user perspective analysis of standardized content, is indeed a very large value to the user, has a good user experience. Large website operators need to consider: search engine has been developed for many years? The traditional forms of content has.

from the perspective of the user experience, love the sea Box Computing is a very good product user experience. And the product itself but also the idea with the search engine’s mission is consistent. To love Shanghai flight search as an example, after I entered Hangzhou to Beijing, and then point to where the Box Computing link, get the result I want. I ignore the other pages, even ranking on the first page of the page.

search engine in the last few years, great changes. You do not speak on the impact of mobile search, PC search, search engine in order to provide users with more accurate and more rapid answers, developed a lot of search products. Like Shanghai Box Computing, Aladdin platform. More than 90% of the original search user is only click on the first page of search results. Love the sea line Box Computing and other products, to absorb more users to click on the first page ranking, but not in the top three station, all can not get much traffic, not to mention not on the first page of the website.


Box Computing, Aladdin today is not only on the line, but early on the line, we do not feel so fast. Now the hoop is increasingly tight.


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