The CN domain name and no value

1. registered cost

A series of regulatory policies followed by the introduction of

rich 2. high-quality resources

industry in the domestic domain, such as贵族宝贝 quality domain resources basically all been registered an empty, goods with good贵族宝贝 domain names currently can only be purchased from the trading platform, increase investment and the establishment of the invisible cost. In this case, and considering the country domain name high, consider.CN domain management institutions at home, how to say, also know too much. At the same time, because in recent years the.CN domain name goes on, most of the high-quality resources have been released, it is a good time for panic buying domain names. >

.CN review of history, we can find that it was brilliant. Data show that by the end of 2008, the number of.CN domain name ownership was as high as 13 million 570 thousand, occupy more than 80.7% market share China, only to become the world’s second largest贵族宝贝 domain name, domain name. However, for the CNNIC.CN domain name management exists a lot of problems, in early 2009, there have been 1 yuan.CN domain name registration at the beginning of the end of 2009, and strict management, stop individuals registered.CN domain, rectify the domain name registration, domain name registration should not only provide real name, also gradually carry out a large number of individual stationmaster filing system. The head of the.CN domain name has been forced to cancel or locked within the circle of extremely bad influence.

.CN open the personal registration, domain name registration platform from the feedback information, the basic price in 50 yuan, compared to some of the country domain name, not a tiny bit cheaper. The cost of mine,.CN domain name does have advantages in terms of price.

, is very unfavorable for domain name registration and webmaster website operation, making the majority of owners lose interest in.CN domain. From the domain name registration platform and trading platform feedback data, a large number of.CN domain are neglected, resulting in the number of domain names has plummeted. By the end of 2011, CNNIC statistics report shows that the.CN domain name number 3 million 500 thousand, reducing the amount of up to 10 million. At the same time, the number of domestic websites from 2 million 870 thousand at the end of 2008 fell to 1 million 830 thousand at the end of 2011.

The rapid development of

through this comment a host domain name parity tool data feedback,贵族宝贝 top-level domain was accounted for most of the webmaster friends, then the.CN domain name is really no longer has the establishment and investment value, today, the host comment will introduce, see the.CN domain name and no value.

China have a saying called: Once bitten, twice shy of ten years. Since the webmaster really seems to have lost confidence in the.CN domain. But in the last year, the country reopened the personal registration.CN, reasonable pricing. When people say that the market reaction, certainly not a good feedback. But in fact, the data is not bad. What is the reason? Host comment analysis as follows:

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