June 28th love webmaster how to ease the unrest in Shanghai


Some webmaster forum

search engine algorithm in fact, no matter how changed, but the ultimate goal is the same. Is to provide a better user experience, allowing users to find useful and valuable information. As long as your purpose does not violate this principle, do stand. Your station is not sinking! Do their own right, let us wait for love Shanghai algorithm to update

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I think we should be able to see it, which included three of the forum should not be so little. Look at their A5 snapshot snapshot unexpectedly is 13, is this normal? Many webmaster should remember last February 22nd love Shanghai outside the chain of events, and today is a bit similar to the chain one time disappeared, but a few days have returned to normal. This love is a large area of visible Shanghai adjustment algorithm, a few days will return to normal. Webmaster friends, must be calm.


some old AdSense and love Shanghai a few years dealing, there will not be a blame, because they know that it is love in Shanghai after the storm, homely food, the weight of high quality, good website will return to normal. Shanghai love can not be really good things to hide it, that no one in Shanghai to search for love. If your site is good quality, rest assured that in a few days will return to normal! Maybe there may give you a surprise, wow… Look to the home page ranking..! I’m looking forward to your good news!

true love Shanghai recently updated frequently, June 22 update once, in June 26 big update once, today (28) morning and carried out an update, this update is different than the previous two, a large area of the site to drop right, included reducing, snapshot. Even the love of Shanghai itself included is also greatly reduced

in which we often go to see more famous:

recently love Shanghai algorithm update, resulting in a lot of website ranking, included snapshot, there are large fluctuations. Many of the station began in a large forum, flighty and impetuous, QQ group began to complain about their site ranking included drop.

! Frequent adjustment of !

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