Duan Xuan data collection and data analysis of actual combat password


I meet the requirements of the site in the collection:

then, how to make these data do fine, let people see the data one can understand what is going on.

idea: if I do Links you will need the following data as reference:


learning technology is not only to learn how to false original, to optimize keyword ranking, also need to Collect competitor information. This information for reference and learn to own site optimization.

problem: how to collect data to meet the requirements of

2, go to the portal site sub channel

so, how can we even collect data which we want to analyze? Here I talk about in collecting data for a bit of experience:


3): finally, in the second satisfy the requirements in the site to the above.

to the data has been gathered, the next task is to analyze the collected site. The analysis of a site by Duan Xuanlai to explain what data are needed as a reference:

3, each

2): second, to find to meet the requirements of the site, from their Links again seek to meet the requirements of the site;

ALEXA ranking, Google PR value and love Shanghai, YAHOO weight chain, love Shanghai, love Shanghai / Google snapshot included, PR output value, keyword density, domain name registration information, daily visits. Figure:

is installed in the browser ALEXA premise statistics plug-in. (based on the number of ALEXA ranked as the collection target)

industry site. Find and their site Union Station Group website to collect data is in a good way.


Why go to the

two, how to analyze the collected site

2): the process of data collection is very boring, the key is to adhere to and strong execution.

1): first, go to the navigation website to find related sites, a search to meet the requirements;

The following methods Shanghai dragon

1): These are three ways I do data collection, although very troublesome can reduce the occurrence of the repetition rate.

first, I think: if you change the point of view is the webmaster for Links need what data as a reference.

portal site sub channels to find the target? Because the sub channel chain portal site quality is very high, to meet the requirements of the site there are many. This is the next step of saving a lot of time.

site AllianceHave a group of Union Station

spider search method

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