Salute to the A5 team from K to 4 by weight of the story behind

so, the company opened an emergency meeting, decided to hire A5 team for the Amoy K net.


later, this is not included in the condition was improved in early October, Shanghai began to update the article love the second site, when all the staff are considered for website template has disappeared, but there was a terrible thing to love the sea volume index plummeted, from the original more than 3000 it becomes less than one thousand, accompanied by the impact is even Amoy net home page www.***贵族宝贝 K have disappeared and many two level domain Not the least trace was found., have gone home.

until the beginning of July, when the website and competitors are a key word ranking in wartime, sudden three two level domain name is right down the event, one of the two level domain is the largest sales website, impact is down right after the very obvious. This is the first time to understand what the site is K, because the two domain of the home page are kicked to Java country, no trace. The face of this situation, I can not do anything, only to continue according to the original method to carry out regular updates. About a month later, the two level domain gradually restore the rank of this experience so I can keep a good attitude to face the day after the Amoy K network emergencies are several times.


in mid September, because of the need to change the site K Amoy network because the entire site template was completely replaced, and of course TDK has been included in the article links remain unchanged. Although we have as much as possible to slow down the change impact on the search engine website template, but the site still appeared a month was not love Shanghai included, I can only continue to regularly update the site, to let the love Shanghai trust again.


as a contact search engine optimization is not a long time, the author obtained during this time of Shanghai Longfeng experience, perhaps more than many in the industry in 1, 2 years of friends but also rich. In terms of Amoy K net is less than one thousand, the weight is 1, it included the amount of more than more than 10000, the weight is 4, I experienced all these changes, feeling a lot.

K once in the last year because of Amoy net website content are all collected because of the resulted in a love Shanghai algorithm is updated from the original weight of 4 uprooted, resulting in a very long period of time no matter what content do not update to be loved in Shanghai included, for up to 1 weight for half a year. Since mid April, I went to Amoy K net, because there are no concept of Shanghai dragon, so only in accordance with the method of writing commercial copy writing Shanghai Longfeng articles, and did not take the traditional pseudo original or acquisition method to update, the article makes comparison with the love of spiders in Shanghai taste, gradually let search engine trust Amoy K network, finally in June at the beginning of the 1 to 2 weight from the weight.

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