Seven factors of novice Shanghai Longfeng senior peer to consider the choice of


first, find the direction is the first to consider.

Hello, I am full of love, since this year Shanghai has been changing the algorithm, some new Adsense just contact Shanghai dragon, also saw so many online training materials, Shanghai dragon related articles, but not the slightest progress, this is why? To the novice is too low or IQ? Bad luck? Or with wrong? Today, these have to discuss this problem, also can pay attention to my WeChat (tt_tech) or WeChat (search for "full public platform design") can ask me questions.


does not like the school that you master, will not punish you, but you can’t put the master’s words as what you have to master like water off a duck’s back, so do

senior for you to arrange things, we must actively accept, have to ask the question, not to say "ah, this is very difficult", "late delivery", "this really want me to do it"…… Think of these words in a different position, as long as that time, people will feel you love it – this is the magistrate career >

second, choose a suitable for your predecessors to be your teacher.

you think, when you are in school, if one day you don’t hand in the homework on time, the result must be very miserable, can stand, or call the parents to accompany you Aixun, even your parents home, have to put your heads together, you’re more miserable, this month. No money.

fourth, and do not master the "bargain", otherwise you will die very miserable.

I am writing this article, I met with similar problems recently, and I think many novice confused, why looking for a master, but not necessarily to improve their skills, to think this line is too difficult, you have to give up the idea, I want to say, it is wrong to you, you should think about what you are looking for a master, whether you recognize what kind of person? If you pinpoint their location? Well, love to write this article.

this is what I want to focus on today, take Shanghai dragon in this line, find a Shanghai dragon predecessors, allowing him to practice what he knows to tell you about your current level, than you learn faster, you will feel that this line is still the charm, if you are very good in this line to meet the predecessors, please do not abandon him, cherish him. Maybe in the future for your career is very helpful.

no matter what you do, you have to think well, why do you do this, otherwise, you do two months, you will feel the time is not wrong? There want to give up the idea, so again, for the other industries, if you don’t change your attitude. You can change the outcome of this is five or six.

third, for the master to give you homework must be finished on time.

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