Shanghai dragon is not dead, the chain operation in the new era

The chain construction site is not After

a few years ago, the chain has a great influence on the Shanghai dragon is indeed. At that time, the website construction is completed, as long as the hair outside the chain, then the website ranking can easily come up. At that time, created a lot of standing outside the chain, and a push, many well-known websites and promotion celebrities are relying on Links to get a lot of traffic. Therefore, a large number of links to the sale, the chain group, black chain chain will gradually hang seng. In the past, these are indeed can improve the site’s ranking in a short period of time, but with the search engine algorithm upgrade, from the beginning of 2012 the construction of the chain has become from the trick today we say cheating.


actually, after love Shanghai in the last year to the rectification of the content, issued a green this year, launched the Shanghai chain to love tools, then the chain is the judgment standard. In a series of changes in the algorithm, in fact, I think these are associated with the regulation, the content is.


some time ago by the LEE authority released the chain Standard Specification, as a Shanghai dragon ER, obviously we can see the future of the industry chain is not necessarily Shanghai dragon rampant. In fact, just imagine, if we do not go to the chain, just concentrate on the user experience and content, so Shanghai dragon with search engines to form the harmonious relationship between people, there is no need to fight you.

but often controllability, sometimes it’s easy to suffer peer competitor attacks by sending help us website construction of the chain of garbage. But in the judgment standard of the chain, explicitly pointed out that the WEP chain group, there are a lot of poor construction site outside the chain chain, is cheating. For example, in the 贵族宝贝 station as an example, is due to the mass of the chain attacks website ranking dropped rapidly, but after the author of a work, now ranking has been restored. We can be found through the analysis of the chain structure in the Guangzhou site construction site, although after the chain refused, the number is not much, but the rankings do firmly, so the author is how to operate the

two, after rejecting the chain, should pay attention to in the next time, increase a high quality of the chain, the chain had refused to have lost a lot of weight of lead. The content is still adhere to update, if the site does not have other questions, then the ranking will generally recover in a month.

, the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched a denial of tools: the tool can be put to a domain name on your website all the chain refused, unable to recover the rejected after a month to the highest 500 times, this should pay attention to. If the site appears to be the mass of the chain, or a large number of low quality construction of the chain, the chain of the domain name to cheat is undoubtedly the best choice to use the tool.

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