How do share the love of Shanghai every day to update the site snapshot

1) update the fixed time every day, try to make the web site of the time change rule of

website! !Pay attention to the content of !

have said, a website of the weight is high, we can judge from his new snapshot, if the snapshot of this website is very new, but also love Shanghai every day to update it, it means that the weight of this web site is good; on the contrary, if the snapshot site is very old. But ten and a half months to update a, it shows that the weight of the site is not zayang, the webmaster is best way to increase the site under the "quality" of it, that we want to do to make love in Shanghai every day update snapshot of our website


2) for web publishing content must ensure its quality, as long as it is not the original content must do false original

3) the appropriate add some high quality is the chain every day, or exchange Links with other

in this era of quality, if the webmaster or like the past directly reproduced or acquisition, and then directly to the content release, then this site do not have what the winner from the search engine ranking as the flow, the more serious may disappear in the major search engines. So, if the owners do not want to be loved from the website of Shanghai punishment, also want to love Shanghai every day to update their own web site, so webmaster in reprinted or reproduced other website content is the best quality under the control of the content, the original content do not change, and make the content from reaching the pseudo original effect


love love Shanghai regular update site, I think most of the webmaster all know, therefore, in order to let love Shanghai every day to update our site snapshot, it is necessary for our webmaster to find a fixed time every day to update the site, I believe that as long as the owners insist on a period of time after the update, the site will be able to receive love in Shanghai well, as long as the site to get the love of Shanghai interested, the website can do natural love Shanghai daily updated website snapshot


however, when adding the chain webmaster with Links, it is best to control their quality, don’t ya to the site outside the chain, or as long as it is a website to exchange Links, and require owners to pay attention, whether the chain or Links can not add too much in a short time, the webmaster should grasp a degree, but not unlimited to add, otherwise it would be easy to love by site in Shanghai will not only do not give punishment to the website, but harm to network production >

believe you all know, is the so-called "the chain for the emperor, content is king, webmaster want to love Shanghai every day to update the site snapshot, in addition to the content of the website is updated every day, owners also appropriate to add some high quality of the chain, or with other similar exchange quality Links, only this to our webmaster can increase the weight of the site, as long as the weight of the website is up, we are not afraid of love in Shanghai every day updating our website snapshot

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