On site backlinks and included suddenly drop factor


can be seen from Figure 2, the external links are stable, the number of included are stable, so what is the cause of the number of the journals and the reverse link suddenly dropped so much? The analysis of reverse link in decline for a week before the work of

link to the site counter

now high quality links do not reverse links to the source site is too single, and the source of the chain is everyone can do links, the chain is the winning number, rather than win with quality, we all know that a high quality link to be more efficient than a low quality N link, high quality link reduces the search engine to crawl before the low quality of the chain (since there are high quality links, but also what I want to do low quality links, search engines should also think so, please give the search engine of human thought) on, what links are of high quality links I will be in the near future, and we share the high quality links.


analysis: get through video links is pure text links, the author queries these links, has been included in the search engine, although not as network owners included and reproduced more, but I think the video links should be relatively good links. Love our friends and get reproduced in the 2 article submission Admin5 webmaster network, brought a lot of links, but are relatively high quality.

third: the Admin5 station network submission, submission of 2 articles to investigate whether ganji贵族宝贝 link high quality links and to explore whether the high quality Interactive Encyclopedia links


: first the quality of the chain of low

: the first chain construction work, the author did the chain work B2B and Forum (both industry forum), the query of these sites, where the pages are not included, so this should not affect the willingness to site backlinks decreased,

Figure two

in search engine optimization friends, should be experienced the reverse link website (not including Links) and the content included the sudden decline of the situation, the impact of these reasons is what? The search engine optimization work is "white hat" technique, if the "black hat Shanghai dragon", these reasons may not be for you the website links and included the reasons for the decline. As shown below, this is now the reverse link and content included the number

chain drop analysis

second: the establishment of a number of external links through the video website, on how to build backlinks for video website through matters, I will share with you recently, but the link is pure text links, included some video website is very fast, is the source of the

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