After the Shanghai Dragon Age unpopular long tail word opportunity

himself through the Shanghai Phoenix to earn a living, but find that sometimes the index word is really like some words, The loss outweighs the gain., hundreds of the index, but also do even dozens or even a number of potential flow first, which naturally have a reason to love Shanghai index, of course there are reasons of Shanghai big dragon the environment at present, everyone in the index of word, the choice of words are becoming less and less valuable are more difficult to find. So everyone is in the Shanghai dragon Er era, go long road is a wise choice, go unpopular long tail is a wise choice. How to seize the opportunities of the unpopular long tail word? I just share some of my experiences and opinions, the hope can give you bring a breakthrough on the idea.

early in the 07 years through the Shanghai dragon money is a very simple thing, then as long as a little bit with a bit of Shanghai dragon skills, such as keyword stuffing, etc. the chain can make a popular word ranking is very good, can be said that as long as there is a little webmaster Shanghai Dragon consciousness can search engine from a large number of interception flow. So now? No people do not know the Shanghai Phoenix webmaster circle, no one in the study and use of Shanghai dragon, a common word also take great pains to come up, if the team to do so can barely bigger, but if we are powerless small webmaster can manage? My home in front of a third of an acre has been very good.

How to find the

popular long tail word is different from the long tail word in general, so naturally can not just go and choose some love Shanghai related search. But one thing you can be sure that judgment is not a popular long term basis or search results to the degree of competition, as long as people do not or very little competition can be used as our popular long tail target. Such as shampoo industry words we can proceed from the various brands of shampoo, shampoo, shampoo ingredients such as XXX XXX security verification and so on, and can also go from the region, such as XXX in a place where there are > Shampoo

because the unpopular long tail word number, low value, so the team will never do, this is the unique advantage of personal webmaster. In a huge industry we often find some common long tail words are almost done, but if we stand in the user’s point of view to find some unpopular long tail word then almost every word was brought about by a conversion rate of 100%. For example, if the weight loss drug industry, the long tail word commonly do absolutely no chance for you, but if we discover drug unpopular long tail word words every day, a month is the construction of several hundred, can bring at least 50 IP, less? Less, but I said the conversion rate is almost 100%, do three consecutive months? Every day at least more than 100 of the traffic, diet pills had profits, 100 daily traffic monthly income not said at least a few thousand or million.

two, the long tail word upset.

, a popular long tail word not cold.

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