The depth of analysis on the relationship between the weight of the website ranking

back to the topic, so much may be difficult to understand, and now it is not very clear, I am more intuitive with you through the case analysis of


, the weight of the website ranking

2. case analysis


I once asked a friend of the industry is a problem, how to put the site ranking? He told me to take the weight of the website get higher, because only the weight high website, search engine to love, so your website ranking back to front.

1. the weight of the website ranking

three, where to weight

PR are based on the weight of the noble baby prevail, love is not love Shanghai Shanghai weight official approval (the reason we should all know now) has left China noble baby, the weight of the website is not updated in foreign, we check out the weight by some Adsense tools is not too accurate

3. where to weight


a few years ago for a website ranking weight does play a large role, there are many owners have been convinced of this, but it will be a disadvantage, the weight of the high ranking is more and more high, low weight is more and more low, the new station can not see the way out, this is unfair, but also under Goole a great effort in this regard (because the weight is Goole to come up with something)

! case analysis

we have the traditional industry "A5" as the keywords to search

is the earliest possible, as long as we will move how to set the label can become the God class character, along with the time development, influencing factors of love Shanghai ranking may have hundreds or even more, we Shanghai dragon or is to learn from the advanced experience, and then sum up the joint efforts in the induction, constantly groping!!

we came through the webmaster tools to analyze the weight of their two website:

I in his way to do several months of the chain, the website ranking really in front, but I found that there is a problem, what? I came in front of the site was not my high weight, but ranked in front of me. It overturned, my friend said to me, I was down to share my case:


! !The website of

weight low in the first, but instead of high weight under him. It is not difficult to see that the weight of the high ranking is not necessarily high, now can be said to have the weight ranking influence is negligible. Said so much, some people will say, since it is not important, but also do what he did? How important not to weight? The answer is:

first, the weight is only for now website ranking is not very important.

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