2013 love Shanghai quality site build direction and requirements

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users want to search for their own things more and more clear, so the site should be more subdivision. The webmaster should be your field to do more detailed, do more comprehensive, provide more professional services and network experience for Internet users. This is reflected in the content of the website, content more comprehensive, more original.

love Shanghai in the past year, a lot of problems encountered by the webmaster to summarize the basic requirements of the high quality of the site. The chief designer of Shanghai love web search that now love Shanghai users increasingly stringent requirements, and the owners should according to the requirements of users own ideas and practices change constantly, will own website to become closer to the people, closer to the users of the website.

What site?

how to do a website to become a high-quality

how it is called high quality

as of March 6th, 2013 love Shanghai webmaster exchange and discussion about the high quality of the site began to love Shanghai increasingly active. Many owners have their own ideas and suggestions for the high quality of the site, but also love Shanghai official timely response, to help owners as soon as possible to establish more high quality sites. The following is the author ZZD5 bokee贵族宝贝 to explain, the wrong place, please point out deficiencies.

in conclusion, to create high-quality site should start from several aspects.

also love Shanghai for the quality of the site in the future have clear requirements. To sum up, with the high quality of the site in the sea eye mainly emphasized a point, that is, the original content website will become the primary standard of high quality website, love Shanghai will also make new policies for this type of site.

also netizens asked is clean and comfortable environment of network experience, small spam or virus tools. The webmaster should also pay more attention to the security of the website, the website is to create green and safe website.

from the point of view of the site is now the situation, three big problems facing the main Chinese website. The first is the low quality site too much. No, the number of completely sucks too many sites. The second is for many sites for search engines were not friendly. The third is a lot of potential safety problems for many websites. Now many websites in order to pursue development speed, but also added a lot of tools, these tools have a great influence on search engines, these sites also do not take the user’s interests in the first place. The construction site is not in a short time to complete, especially the original content now is to become the primary problem of many websites.

first, the website design beautiful and simple. When the user enters the webmaster of the site, we must clearly see the content they want. Stationmaster should strive to give users a perfect visual experience, which relies on WEB technology website >


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