Duplicate content website webmaster hazards need to take precautions

repeat content refers to different URL link content is the same, the cause of duplicate content may be content acquisition, direct use of acquisition tool for collecting other sites; Web site because of irregularities, causing the site to have multiple URL addresses can be accessed, the spider also included multiple repeat site did not set the 404 error page; the default error page, all links to jump to the home page, this approach also leads to a large number of sites link error repeated page; or because the mall like websites, because the products of different sizes, setting a plurality of pages are introduced, but the general content of the web page is the same, this situation will also be a spider that is repeated content.

if there are duplicate content of your site, is relatively easy to detect the site: domain name, see whether the search engine included duplicate content. But if the detected external page is repeated, can take a page in a word, to search engine to find quotes, if there is the same sentence on the network, click on view and know whether the page is repeated. Often such detection methods is difficult, the possibility to find a word in another article in low. To detect whether an article is plagiarism, title:+ can find the same title and article.

there are a lot of repeat content, search engine will think this site is garbage sites, will soon be down the right search engine, search engine will often drop right which the existence of a large number of duplicate content sites, the presence of small amount of copy of the contents of the site, the spider will not give the right down, the spider will judge repeated what is the original page, the page page ranking to give such duplicate pages, search engines are sometimes wrong, will lead to the webmaster often see the phenomenon of their original content to be reproduced on other sites, other sites included in the ranking is very good, but the site has not been included. There are duplicate pages on your site, page links with promotion links included spiders are not unified, and result in the loss of the weights of the website, especially some important page in the website, if there is more than one URL link, the user is not easy to remember, is cheating optimization means for the spiders, there are a large number of duplicate content the site, search engines will have the suspicion of cheating optimization, give drop right processing.

How to eliminate the duplicate content

why duplicate content

duplicate content if there is harm

how to detect duplicate content

the Internet, netizens can not have more original content, resulting in most of the sites content acquisition, Internet spam is widely spread. They all know that no good repetition of such and, even if the site for some time because of these benefits, owners must take precautions to reduce the repetition of website content, improve the overall quality of the website.

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