A mistake should not straighten out the idea of finding errors can be successful construction of the

1, the chain is not in the correct form, for example: www. * * *贵族宝贝, we can see that the chain form is commonly used in many webmaster is not allowed. The page in the chain way, I can only say sorry to the webmaster, very small this chain can bring the role of the spider can not love Shanghai direct access to Shanghai, love spider to space, how much use.

6, the chain of words is not formal, we do not know when the recent search words through search engines love Shanghai not found a problem, that is a part of Shanghai has not recognized the words of love, it will prompt a sentence: according to relevant laws and regulations and policies, some search results are not displayed. So you must pay attention to the problem, if you do the site is illegal, then I think you outside of the chain also need to construct words >

2, the purchase of the chain, the biggest drawback is not to say that in addition to the purchase of the chain chain, but also the content of the website chain said there is a serious problem, a large number of recent love Shanghai K station, a lot of sales outside the chain of the site was K, the K is part of the reason for selling the chain website involve your site, you know they are sellers, is trying to make money, then they will create the content means to fling caution to the winds, cheating, do not affect the website chain who.

4, sending machine, machine, machine group construction group, the three group have a common point: to set up a large chain. The establishment of the chain method is very terrible, excluding the chain across, analysis of the causes of this kind of chain to the site will be K, 1, the chain of value, 2, released the chain chain 3, low energy, released just love Shanghai spiders crawl was deleted. So the chain way with caution, it is best not to use.



chain construction method

not say nonsense, directly on some wrong construction method I think, if you find it useful to keep it, if not by you gently drifting away, outside the chain of experience, not to be missed!

5, the chain construction rely solely on the forum, blog, we all know the chain construction should have diversity, so what kind of chain is the chain qualified? I think the chain system of a site should be consistent with the multi site, multi form and multi keywords and multi directional, meet this the four point is the site outside the chain system is qualified, did you meet

3, the chain across the range is too large, for example, 1:7 22, 100,7 23 chain chain chain 1000,7 24 March 3000, this website will be K; for example, 2:7 22, 500,7 23 chain chain 600,7 24 chain 700,7 25 chain 300. This website will cause the search engine attention, slightly cautious will be right down. The above two examples are foreign chain is too large to do that, the website chain is not much, is fine.

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