Practice get the love of Shanghai trust love Shanghai ranking

love Shanghai rankings? Is the main problem of the webmaster. The first time I do, a year to sum up a few points below, and share with you:

blog, bookmarks, bookmarks, forums, post, know, love asked knowledge, YAHOO knowledge hall, know the ocean to ask questions, answer questions. Of course, do not blindly increase the chain.

: 2. original and carefully wrote a lot of results, the weight is not very good, mainly "too small". Finally.

two, I do stand experience:

, a new share chain:

5, bookmarks, network applications, when the above you on your own website published an article when, should take the article collection, the article addresses some of the best bookmark with multiple ID collection. Such as: QQ bookmarks, sina favorites……


station early, because not familiar with the basic web content, originally simply made pictures and so on. It was the site of appearance did not interfere with the love of Shanghai, but the effect is very good, at the beginning of the construction of new sites, you can upload the general morning included the afternoon. But because of the requirements of customers, repeatedly changed in version 4, according to my analysis, I love Shanghai lost to the site of interest.

3, in the navigation website which submitted to the site, and some of the webmaster tools to submit website.

blog don’t just send an article, with a link. We want to do fine. Registered blog after the first blog is not linked, love Shanghai very hate this, first a few links with the article, and then love Shanghai included blog, beginning with a link to the blog. At the same time to learn how to do the sprocket. To string together multiple blogs. The specific measures are as follows 1, 2, 3, 4…… Multiple blogs. Send an article, in the 1 blog post, a link to the promotion of the website, another link to the next blog address, such as 2 and so on; it can be, but this is a tiring work, but to increase the chain effect is good.

4, forum posting should pay attention to the chain widely degree, don’t be mad in a class on the forum, many different types of forum in the above post, with the best links, if not with the link, should take the form of text links.

the first to understand what factors determine the keyword ranking Shanghai love. The number of the chain is key love Shanghai ranking is the most important determinant of


2, ask questions, answer questions. Can love Shanghai know, Search ask, love asked knowledge, YAHOO knowledge hall inside the question and answer the questions.

1.: the chain is malicious plus some unrelated links. The results have some ranking down. It pays attention to the quality of the chain, the chain is to be relevant, in the chain of high power high on the website.

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