Good drainage page four elements

generally reflect the long tail effect site, there should be at least tens of thousands of pages, hundreds of thousands of millions is also very common.

we design these drainage page for the purpose of obtaining traffic from search engines. So, when you can not take into account the user experience and search engine ranking, ranking first in the main. After all, there must be a flow over, to say to the user experience.

The 4 point is above

when the web page number is large enough, the role of the chain in the chain are often larger than. Although the weight of each chain to the page is not high, but hundreds of thousands of pages together, will be on the target page ranking is very good.

2, according to the principle of organization of Shanghai Longfeng page

drainage page, simply means that can bring traffic to web page. Usually after a large number of keywords in the mining site, according to the need for appropriate design. The river to introduce good drainage of the four major elements of the page.

3, as much as possible.

Within the chain resources of

search engine is constantly stressed page originality, so when we organize the content, but also to ensure that the content of our page, in the search engine appears to be original, this to our page ranking and improve website weight will be very good.

4, the original content of

1, web page

when we are in the design of web page drainage to consider the issue of how to operate, still need the webmaster to set according to the actual situation of their own website. This paper sorts: American maple 贵族宝贝51hongfeng贵族宝贝/, reproduced please indicate the source in the form of links.

popular keywords are often very fierce competition, the ranking is very difficult. The site to bring traffic through the drainage page, must do a lot of long tail keywords, although each keyword to bring website traffic is not much, but the number of these pages together, is very big to the website will flow.

title and description drainage page should pay attention to the writing of the page plate layout, use the weight of the label, richness of page elements, many of the long tail words into the page design as soon as possible.

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