Analysis of the long tail word Shanghai dragon decoration industry

3, from search engine marketing perspective, now do the decoration of Shanghai dragon or SEM, there are two main types of Web sites, one is around a decoration company, is designed to do the decoration of vertical web sites. These two groups, when the search engine marketing a focus, especially the decoration company, because the nationwide decoration company basically no, and the decoration of the owners really in search engines to find and select the decoration company, basically be in front of key words in the decoration and regional qualifier for example, the "Guiyang decoration company" and so on, so the localization of the keywords decoration companies do when the search engine marketing mainly used are local decoration and decoration and long tail word; because the vertical sites, for the country’s business, so in addition to geographical keywords will do, the main keywords decoration also focused on doing.

  first chart a long tail word search volume;

without a picture,

2, a large flow of keywords are concentrated mainly in the "decoration effect diagram" in this class, and the general search keywords customers are planning to decorate, the higher gold content. The word is not suitable for SEM, because the amount is large, and the conversion rate of a single rate than low core words. This word is ranked first in the search results of the love of Shanghai pictures, we can consider the point with its own decoration company upload watermark pictures make love Shanghai pictures included, then the method of Shanghai dragon upload pictures on the picture of the ranking in Shanghai.

4, those who neglected long tail word. In fact, in addition to combination related decoration, decoration and other non combination of words, also have some potential for marketing, such as decoration, decoration industry: housing, residential name, second-hand housing, interior design and other words, these words are distributed in each stage before and after the renovation period, although not the core word the search, but also be related words, the marketing done well the situation can still bring a lot of conversion.

was going to first to a heat map of keywords, due to the above, so please go to search for "decoration" in Shanghai love index, you can see the relevant keywords decoration.

Keywords heat from

5, rival related words. I want to cast the net very widely, >

1, can be seen in the decoration process, we focus on the part of Home Furnishing, from high to low are: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, study, from this point and could we imagine is not the same, at least for me my absolute key is the living room, bedroom, study, kitchen this way. Extending down the problem, we can imagine, why so high ranking kitchen, I think the answer is the kitchen generally use more women, in the decoration of this event, now more and more women began to call the shots, with your mind, so it directly reflected the search direction is dominated by women, this is from our company customers come to the advisory body also can be reflected.

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