The electricity supplier website to enhance the user experience of the four proposals


in the early stage of the development of electronic commerce, low price and rich products businesses occupy the market and win customers as the main means, the market continues to mature, the size of the companies have to develop the market, more intense competition. Customer demands for online shopping from the initial pursuit of low prices become more and more perfect, and the convergence of the line, personalized shopping experience is still the ultimate consumer needs. Therefore, the optimization of customer experience, has become the important part of e-commerce marketing, and service details directly determine to how the customer shopping experience.

, a visual experience: simple and beautiful

customer experience is not only important for e-commerce, which is especially important with respect to the line:

, electronic commerce is to buy goods in the virtual market, the customer can not see the goods can only be purchased through the text and picture information to judge the goods. Like shopping in the store, the customer shopping environment requires an understanding, and a large part of the understanding of the process is to convey through product information, information description will directly affect the customer shopping in the judgment.

e-commerce customer to buy goods from the goods to the hand, there is a time difference, many factors will affect the customer experience of the product, the seller in this period of time. Most of the time when the goods are re customer impulse is also very love, but after a process of delivery, delivery time, it has no original freshness.

four, electronic commerce is supported by IT technology and the Internet, a lot of links is based on IT technology, and some aspects are unable to achieve technology. For example, promotional gifts to buy, the different points between shop use, limit the use of coupons, return and so on. If the customer in the shopping process failed to enjoy a convenient way through promotions, so the customer shopping experience certainly not very good.

shopping mall in the store, the environment is very important for the customer, merchandise is reasonable, whether the store environment is comfortable, whether to make the customer good to find the necessary goods and will be the main push products to customers before, very important. As online shopping, shopping environment is equivalent to our store page and single product page.

so do e-commerce customer experience need to be targeted to the above points to the optimization.

An important element of the

design include: commodity display, page design, reliable payment etc.. The vast majority of goods display using the basic layout is mainly based on the site for the target consumer preferences.

two, e-commerce shopping process is more complex than the store shopping. The online shopping process with respect to the line of many complex payment needs to be achieved through online payment, goods from the merchant to the customer after the courier company. The customer to pay, the freight would feel directly onto the overall evaluation of the seller.

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