How to make the key words bring more traffic to the site

keyword is the preparatory work of Shanghai dragon, it is very important to select a keyword. Some people in the selection of the site keywords according to their website content is arbitrary, these keywords in the search engine did not lead to the flow of keywords ranking up but still not what website traffic.

index or noble love Shanghai baby’s keyword tool, here I will love the Shanghai index. After determining the main keyword in your website to love Shanghai index to check up, you can directly enter the keywords, below you can see the keyword index and a related keywords, the keywords are here to show a certain amount of search. You can use it to select the website main keywords and keyword, a website can have multiple keywords, here you can also determine the best website long tail keywords, long tail keywords although less traffic, but a number of long tail keywords together is a huge number of

2, select keyword

site settings: first.

keyword relevance, in the choice of keywords according to the site of its own content to choose, or you will feel unable to optimize. This is a website construction site selection is a shopping site with keywords. If the keyword and website content relevance so far the search engine will think you cheating, then your website will be punished because of the reason.

set the word of Guan Jian right can make the optimization effort, what keywords is the user through some words search engine to search the input. Keywords main keywords and keywords, keyword is the main keywords website optimization, optimization in the station main position, the keyword is slightly. What is the long tail keywords: long tail keywords is not website main keywords, he is the user search input long words, keywords are generally composed of multiple words called long tail keywords.


1, there is a correlation between

and websiteThis is the website of the I suggest that you use this 3, how to combine the keywords

a website will have multiple keywords, then these keywords will be combined and sorted. To search engine keywords he will think in front of in the web. Title is more important, so the website main keywords in the front row, the key words in the back row. When the combination of keywords do not put keywords split out, you can according to their own website to organize a word and let the keywords included in the inside, the main keywords in front, so as not to let the search engine that you are cheating, many websites will choose many key words and the words are written on the title page. Now the search engine has been very smart, in line with the user experience of the website must conform to the search engine’s included rules.

Keywords Select the

4, setting and distribution of Web site keywords

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