The environment caused by the Shanghai dragon Er needs to be vigilant awareness

heart of Shanghai Longfeng workers must be very powerful, those who want to prepare for the worst, it is likely that you will be right down, station tomorrow is K, but in fact a lot of pure white hat techniques is still an inevitable death, love Shanghai that who can not resist. But in the face of this situation, I >

first, whether Shanghai Longfeng industry environment is how

from 2012 to now, Shanghai love constantly adjustment, since the station 6.28K events, Baidu seems to have not stopped. The Shanghai dragon industry generally came a voice, Shanghai dragon is really hard to do, the individual owners in a dire situation. Shanghai Longfeng service company days certainly is not good, customers will be less and less, customer demand has changed. Many customers have lost confidence in the Shanghai dragon, because they found a few keywords ranking the first page is not to bring their own orders, in addition to the Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, Shanghai dragon really is not a panacea, some traditional industries are not suitable for network marketing, the Shanghai dragon also lost meaning.

, a senior said, a Shanghai dragon will encounter a bottleneck in practitioners within two years, this time will have to make a choice, is to give up, or too chaotic, is the transformation, or aimlessly. There is some truth in this saying, two years of Shanghai Longfeng occupation career, I witnessed a lot of peers around the far away, many people gave up the industry. The transition seems to have become a necessity, Shanghai dragon is not really very bitter, which was based on personal feelings, at least most of Shanghai dragon people will think he is IT migrant workers, dry day copy, paste, no technical content, wages are very low. Today there is a new add my Q, I ask what this industry, it’s really hard to answer, saying that good, that bad. At present, Shanghai dragon industry environment in Shanghai Longfeng practitioners have vigilant awareness.

from the current number of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, it is not difficult to find, this industry is constantly expanding, so many people, nature becomes fierce competition. But the industry is really very difficult to have what standards at all, the same keywords offer may vary, there is no one who can give a very standard, especially in some special industries. While the vast majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are relatively low-level, which is like a chain of the Commissioner, friends of the chain of the title of the Commissioner, the Commissioner of the chain in recent years is also a common phenomenon in a Shanghai dragon service company, has insisted on itself is not easy, so no future occupation seems to most people not optimistic about. We have been in the discussion of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of occupation planning, no one wants to do the chain Commissioner for several years, I think many peers have been confused, Shanghai, whether there is much room for development, have the necessary transformation.


second, adjust our attitude is more important than what skills

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