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man-machine war

3, the user experience should be strengthened, website advertising, browse the depth and length, the bounce rate is > page ranking algorithm

2, deep learning is simply vertical levels and said, take the electricity supplier website Tmall and Jingdong, there are categories of notebook, desktop computer, computer accessories and computer related computer program below.

1, machine learning of computer algorithm can automatically improve with experience, such as love engineers in Shanghai will delineate a range of Web data, and then tell the machine learning model which should be ranked in front of the snapshot. Through continuous training to get a

Er, Shanghai dragon how to optimize your website for the first application of artificial intelligence to the search engine for the above is to provide users with a better search experience. The user, search engine, web search is composed of three factors of events. The optimization of the future I think we should do the following.

3, reinforcement learning is the mapping from the state to the environmental behavior, making the agent’s behavior to obtain the greatest reward environment. Can be understood as a learning algorithm with time, in the environment, and other factors make the label interest.

based optimization is more important, URL optimization, site structure, code optimization, chain construction, site speed and other infrastructure work is an essential factor of search engine algorithm.

4, speech recognition is well understood, the speech recognition accuracy by mobile phone users connected to the microphone, PC said.

is the Shanghai dragon which affect Er, artificial intelligence, here the simple points, inadequacies also please.

2, to strengthen the

content optimization, the original article, meet the needs of users of the content and depth of content learning algorithm in large data and depth will be excavated. More compact, more depth and structured content will get good rankings in Google search can now realize.

5, natural speech processing is simple to program comprehension ability, able to understand the text, image and voice to express the meaning of.

Artificial intelligence technology in the face of the above

March 15th, Google artificial intelligence chess software AlphaGo and nine section Li Shishi’s war ended with 4 than a man-machine chess results from artificial intelligence became known to every family of high-tech, according to Joffe understanding, love in Shanghai a few years ago also developed a similar intelligent software, but was 331, because the love of Shanghai do not see the profit point, so give up! At last year’s World Conference on the Internet, love Shanghai Robin Li also shows that the search engine has been in love in Shanghai five years ago using machine learning algorithms! Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence, also including deep learning, reinforcement learning. Speech recognition, neural network, natural language processing and so on. Shanghai is the study of the brain in love.

1, ranking!

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