Secret website snapshot of stagnation for five reasons

website snapshot stagnation or even reverse the webmaster most worried about the problem, he has been carefully protected site suddenly snapshot of stagnation or reverse, as their children suddenly sick, the parents can not worry? Certainly will try as soon as possible to cure kids, so webmaster who is this kind of mood, will make every effort to find out the cause of stagnation of the website snapshot, and then corrected.

three, Title keywords high repetition

two, most of the content has the characteristic of

, a long time not update site theme


site is most afraid of server problems, if the day time love Shanghai big update, and your site is still not open, search engines cannot capture content on your site, then how can it on your site updated? Obviously you have missed the best time website snapshot update. And the user experience is not good, the user wants to enter your site is not open, the next time he will come? So, webmaster friends in the choice of space must be careful, now many webmaster in the use of foreign host, and most webmaster friends are welcome in the foreign host says is the fastest HostEase host, the server is located in the SoftLayer room, access speed.

perhaps you recently busy, no time to update the content, or which day is to think of it just updated some columns, but not to update the site theme, but this will be the days and months multiplying down your website snapshot root cause of stagnation, the so-called content is king, do not update the website content there will be problems the. Just as you do not give their children eat, or to eat but not the law, often time down your child will have problems, I believe you are not willing to let their children go hungry, no matter how busy you are want to update your website content regularly.

four, the server often fails

in order to make their sites can quickly find in the search engines, many webmasters will use the stack keywords way to achieve their purposes, but this method in the current search engine algorithm mature case has to die, but also cause the search engine antipathy, will be punished. So, the webmaster do not rush to the rankings, to one step at a time to do the station.


now many webmaster in a pseudo original approach to update the website, and even the use of collector or false original tools for processing content, when the search engine every time to your site to grab food have found your site do not have their own things, most of the content is copied from other sites, search engines will come again. I believe, if you, you will not come again, therefore, the webmaster must advise you to do the content on the website, write their own original content, fresh food is the search engine of love.

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