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determines whether we can attract the spider to the site to bring a good ranking, but there are many ways to attract spiders, as long as these methods are applied well, so do the ranking is not a dream, but there is a part of the concept of friends attract spiders or not so deep, so I give you a concept attract spiders, attract spider means we use the first hand resources outside the station into the station to guide the spider included, this is to attract the spider, and attract spiders are generally from outside the station lead us to a small part of the spider crawling automatically, you can find a website at the beginning of operation, the spider can not automatically find the site crawling spiders because there are still some resistance to the new site, such as whether the site. The DNS server is stable, if you can open a website and so on factors, so the spider to a new web site can not rashly go crawling, more is to inspect the spider on the site, but the study on the site of the spider is relatively long, so this time we need to use the hand resources of the spider on the site guide, is to attract the spider, I believe that everyone on the concept of metaphor attract spider has very deep, so how to attract the spider operation, those methods can help us succeed in attracting the spider? Below I give you some of the more popular and useful methods:

to be honest really good way is to guide the spider chain, because the chain guide spiders can not only give us guidance but also has the characteristics of spider chain ranking, and the weight is very high, the spider guide chain is usually with higher weight to the operation, such as the original article, the Navy Forum etc. some friends will ask, why, in fact, we can think about the characteristics of the original article is reproduced and have high weight, and.


on the YY thirty share programs since there are many of my friends are very supportive of me, and you first say thank you, and now there are many of my friends will give me some advice, why don’t I talk about the content of each finished written articles uploaded to A5? Let me suggest this enlightened, to tell the truth this is a good idea, so from now on, I will put my each share of things written in the form of A5 release, the crap, the first time we want to talk to the website, how can we really do a good job ranking, although this sounds simple, but it is not easy. Then we analyze how to do on the website ranking solution planing type research:


ranked outside the chain of meaning is not a guide to intelligent spiders, to our website ranking, which is ranked outside the chain, the chain ranking methods are popular: replies, messages, evaluation and so on, these methods can be useful to the rank of the website, and the operation is simple and not complicated, for everyone to publish web site.

, attract spider

1, ranking the chain

spider chain guide

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