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, however, Wei believes that the timing is right. When the wind blows, pigs can fly, and birds do not have to learn to fly." Mr Wei likened the macroeconomic boom to the strength of the wind. He believes that when the economic slowdown, enterprises need to fight internal forces, and spontaneously requested to enhance management and operational level. Well, they need investors not only to give money, but also to manage and operate resources.

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in recent years, PE Private, Equity, private equity in China has mutated into People ‘s Equity national investment, the bubble is magnified. All the friends around were urging Wei Zhe not to join in the fun.

claims to be "zero in mind" and "rich generation entrepreneurs," Mr. Wei said proudly. "We are the first Vc firms to have an exclusive operation and management team in China."." He named his company Vision Knight Capital, a transliteration of "capital of Sony," which means "a discerning knight."".

calendar always has to turn the page. After the resignation of Wei Zhe did not give himself a "long vacation", but immediately began thinking about how to transform. He no longer wants to do "working emperor", but to do "create value" investors.

portals, informational websites and forums have different page compositions, so visitors are interested in the content of the site and the location of the clicks. In the prone position on advertising, you can consider yourself as visitors, on the other hand can also go to do some relatively large and successful advertising alliance site, see where they are, in general we put more position is often proved more likely to click on the position. In addition, shlf1314 for some of the instructions tutorial, as well as other webmaster experience, we can sum up

believes that Wei Zhe remembers 2011 February 21st. Over 2010 Alibaba exposed for thousands of customers fraud, zhe CEO Wei’s B2B to "defend Ali values" resigned. But the media generated considerable debate on the "Chairman Ma Yun Ali cries cut Ma Su" act.

, Vision, Knight, Capital, founder, Wei Zhe,

1. Optimize the placement of advertising places.

Wei Zhe memory for dates sensitive and accurate: he can recall the entrepreneurial team for the first time in the day of the case, also can casually say first fund raising is the day to complete, even forget the office officially opened the day.

put shlf1314 advertising alliance, some owners will find does not seem to be as everyone says its advertising price is relatively high, sometimes it will click on the low price to $0.01-0.03 between the phenomenon, there are many when traffic is up, but did not increase with the click rate, in the face of this situation inevitably lead to a crisis of confidence as for shlf1314, doubt whether the legendary so good. In fact, the existence of these phenomena by some advertising advertisers intentionally use cheap keyword advertising, advertising for some do not know how to optimize the webmaster, it is easy to show these low-cost advertising on the site, they are cheaper, they missed a lot of opportunities for high click. Therefore, shlf1314 advertising must be combined with its characteristics and characteristics of the site targeted advertising optimization, in order to achieve better results.

"what will this child be like in the future?"

set up vision and build team


in general, for the optimization of advertising mainly concentrates in three aspects, one is to optimize the position of advertising, according to the website layout of most visitors love the most prone to browse, click to place the targeted delivery, two is to optimize the keywords, to filter some cheap keywords. The layout of the site content in addition to three words, is to maintain statistical data on the use of tools, understand and master some cheap advertising sources, low price to actively use the filter system to filter out the advertisement. In the specific operation, we can start from the following four aspects.

in the A5 forum held before the advertising union investigation activities, through the webmaster’s vote and comment, we can see, shlf1314 advertising alliance is still China Adsense most commonly used, the first choice of advertising alliance. This is because the shlf1314 advertising alliance with the U.S. dollar clearing, using the advantage of the U.S. dollar against the RMB exchange rate advantage relative to the webmaster more attractive, while advertising and website content, and click on the unit price higher than other alliance; on the other hand, is due to the shlf1314 advertising alliance with its years of operation has gained credibility the majority of owners trust, with high visibility and high credibility so as many webmaster early in the website development will generally choose the advertising alliance.

in September 5, 2012, Mr. Wei’s company office was enabled by this time 1st anniversary. In August 31st, Wei Zhe took this reporter to visit his office in Kerry City, Shanghai. Pingchuang Beitiao, Century Park on the left side of the panoramic view, is on the right side of Hutchison Whampoa  in Shanghai luxury villa project "Royal court". Wei Zhe to build the first fund name "Jiayu" two words, namely from "Kerry" and "Royal court".

"entrepreneurship is self-employed," that is, a person carrying a bag to start things." From March last year, Wei Zhehua two months, brewing business every step in the mind.

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