Gu Dongyuan on the Site Title Optimization Design of the most effective strategies 2


tell us, not because of marketing.


design is the marketing website title first, if not the title of website marketing ability into full play, is absolutely the largest loss of construction site, so the site title must contain the user after reading, immediately triggered a strong desire for the site title, if your web site is designed to be a marketing type title if your site is not ranked first, such as third, then your website click rate than the first difference! The principle of marketing Title Design: user attention, stimulate the user desires, solve user risk resisting, the three point is the title of each page to design the most basic elements, such as my website the title of Shanghai dragon money training and Shanghai dragon combat training professional brand, visitors see Shanghai dragon money and professional brand, may soon be clicked, if the standard The design of "Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training and practice training" obviously does not have the above marketing ability.

Site Title Design optimization skills summary

Through the above two points

Gu Fangyuan started to provide services from enterprises in Shanghai dragon 09 years, now has more than 100 enterprises and individuals, some industry experience in more than two years of practice, and share the Website Title Design Optimization of the 2 most effective strategy, I think whether you are building websites or network marketing work. Shanghai Longfeng personnel engaged in, to optimize the site title design must master the skills, because a good website title right down the search engine optimization difficulty, and the first time you attract users with visual, marketing title can directly improve the user attention, even immediately click into your website for details, you reach for your product or service propaganda, and even get the results you want, the following explanation of how to design

site title!

site title not only to meet the marketing, but also accord with search engine optimization principle, design a line with Shanghai Longfeng title, you can make in the optimization process significantly reduce the workload, with search engine optimization site title, can refer to love Shanghai website optimization guide, which describes the form name title = _, like me the title of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon training and training _ money Shanghai dragon combat training professional brand, that competition is the main keywords, to explain the role of the back part. This title will not only play a role of network marketing, also accord with the major search engine optimization design principles of website title, there should be no more than 30 words in the title Chinese characters, because the love of Shanghai search engine only display 30 Chinese characters, the excess is omitted, and too many words will distract the theme, so Gu Fangyuan suggested the title design according to their strength and keywords the difficulty to select the 1-5 keyword is better, the following is my graphic website title.

search engine website design perspective

Marketing Website Title


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