Search engine optimization is high technology type physical thinking activity


search engine optimization for a long time, numb, writing has become a plus potluck, the chain has become a necessary work. You write an article, I wrote 2 articles, you write 2 articles, I will write 4 articles, the fight is the number. So the chain is needless to say, the Commissioner of the chain now, can be said to be as long as the forum to get in by every opening, can be seen everywhere outside the chain of the army. Not to mention the blog, classification of information, B2>

3, physical activity:

2, type:

the most basic points, such as how to write the title, small website title, company title, mall title, is the need to have some stress. Then, after the search engine so many adjustments, the final point, the title must contain the keywords, this seems to be a constant law.


a lot of people say, do search engine optimization, like code, more like doing the migrant workers live, with the poor salary, is not a promising job. Search engine optimization is a high technology oriented physical thinking. So, why would cause this phenomenon? I as Dongguan ideal tutor nets webmaster, by virtue of experience to share with you my strange idea:



Search engine optimization

site keywords layout, directory, directory page keyword optimization, page optimization, the article page optimization is an important concept and purpose of these things, and ultimately to the user experience, allowing users to more accurately find their required information.

high thinking

search engine optimization factors are more than 200 kinds, for the novice, this is not a small threshold. If you don’t have to master the basic knowledge ", then, for the structure of this one website, you can eat a lot of loss. For example, the title tag, description tag, keyword will write, but you don’t have to be inside the web page code. If the site does not have the time that navigation, you may not add to the corresponding position, these need to master the basic knowledge ". Then a deep point, if the site does not do pseudo static, site map, JS image technology, and these will expect programmers to do, programmers will die out estimation. If it is delivered to the network company, that will be the money pit.

the level of thinking, is the website article how to write? Is not highly relevant industry articles, Links is not the weight of the high correlation between the internal anchor text links, how to, what is the core idea of your website? How the user experience and so on, all of these is to have a search engine optimization thinking. Even on the new algorithm of search engine mechanism, these are to the brain.

The construction of

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