See the essence through the phenomenon of rule-based love Shanghai

A website

the content of the website construction, often mentioned is the high quality original content, so what is the quality? High quality content is not a long and minute statement, not illustrated, but in line with the needs of users of the original content! Do the new station in this area is very good, although the competitors, but I’m not stingy praise. With > contents and pictures

can clearly see that the keyword is part of the scarlet letter. The first screenshot is the new station, the second is the website screenshot.


recently read my concern to the industry, it is a new station, less than 2 months, the newly registered domain name, in the relevant keywords ranking, occupy the home for a month. Almost was born as "gaoshuai rich", optimization of the keyword is difficult, can quickly successfully occupied the home page, there must be love Shanghai valued

first, the title of the site, only a keyword, the location is not on.

love Shanghai, let Shanghai dragon Er panicked, mess, do not know what to do. In the face of love in Shanghai before the update, talk about keyword optimization expert, master who seems to be static. Last month, a few constructive views on drying out, may still be observed in the industry! Not the master, but used to study phenomenon, through the study of some key words rankings of the first page of the website not to draw some conclusions, is not a panacea, but at one time looks right.


can be seen from the graph, this title is basically in line with the recommendations of the title for the love of Shanghai. If it is not a brand, to meet the requirements of Shanghai love is very important.


Updated several times

with high correlation! Know the needs of users, users are suspected

Secondly, the content of



if only through the data view, no value, so we combined with "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" to interpret this phenomenon. I think the key is three aspects: site title, website content, chain.



method of the title, may be inconsistent with our knowledge of Shanghai dragon, if you want to place the home page, then at least 2 keywords. I should like second map website would be reasonable (unfortunately only row in the second page)! But the first map of this style, can be found in the Shanghai guide to love inside.

The first screenshot below !


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