Lisa Howard on It Shoulda Been You’s Crazy Twist & ‘The Macarena’

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 9, 2015 Related Shows View Comments It Shoulda Been You Here comes Lisa Howard, in her first-ever Broadway starring role in It Shoulda Been You! The Priscilla Queen of the Desert, 9 to 5 and Spelling Bee alum plays Jenny, who is walking down the aisle (well, to cheer on her sister, the bride) in the wacky musical comedy. Directed by Tony winner David Hyde Pierce and written by Barbara Anselmi and Pierce’s husband Brian Hargrove, the wedding hijinks officially begin when the show opens April 14 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. During a break from her side gig as a fit model (more about that below), Howard chatted with about her dressing roommate Sierra Boggess and why she almost had to give up her role.Hi, Lisa!Hi! If you hear any background noise, it’s because I’m at a factory where they make clothes. I’m doing some fit modeling.Wait, what’s fit modeling?It’s something I stumbled into a long time ago and it’s been a nice side job in addition to performing. Everything you wear has been fit on a person, not just on a mannequin or a dummy, because a dummy can’t say, “Oh, it’s tight across the shoulder.” I’m a 2X for certain stores, and they go and they fit the clothes on me.Let’s talk about your other gig—your first leading role on Broadway! How does it feel?It’s fantastic! I’m not gonna lie. There’s not a lot of downtime. When I did South Pacific, I was one of the nurses and we don’t have a lot to do in that show. I watercolored, I learned how to paint. We would do a workout backstage during the show… There’s none of that in this. It makes the show fly by, and I get to do more of what I love doing.You’ve been with this show for years—has it been a roller coaster, wondering if it will come to Broadway or not?For several years, especially after we did the George Street production, we thought, OK, the next year, it’s gonna come. And then it didn’t. And then the next year. And no, it didn’t. And then in November of 2013 when I had heard for a third time it was supposed come, I was due with my second baby. I was like, “No, no, no, it can’t come then!” But it ended up falling through that time too, so I was like, phew! Thank you. So it’s frustrating when you have to wait for something, but I feel like things come when they’re supposed to.It’s so fun to see you on Going Bridal—what other trouble have you and Sierra been getting into while sharing a dressing room?I love sharing a dressing room with Sierra. I’m a goofball and so is she, so it’s just ridiculous. I bought a stuffed lamb for my son for Easter, and as soon as Sierra saw it, she was like, “This is mine!” I ended up buying my son another one, so we have our room sheep, and he’s gonna have some adventures.This show has a shocking surprise twist. How fun is it to watch the audience react?I can hear them, but I don’t look out into the crowd because I’m staring at Sierra. So I actually don’t see their faces! But the sound is great. “Oos” and “aahs” and laughter and gasps. Edward Hibbert is great at waiting out the audience, because some nights they react longer than others, so he knows the perfect timing to then say, “I didn’t see that coming!” [Laughs.]You have the distinction of being on both the Muppet and the Twilight Wiki pages! That’s a pretty big honor.I’ve just happened to be cast in a very diverse array of projects, which is great for your acting chops. I get to stretch myself. I haven’t been typecast. Sure, I’ll play a Muppet. Oh, great, Twilight? Awesome. It’s what comes your way.OK, are you ready for our Wedding Lightning Round?Ready as I’ll ever be!What’s the best song to rock out to on the dance floor at a wedding?”The Macarena.”Have you ever caught the bouquet?Yeah! I’m tall, I have an advantage.How many old bridesmaid dresses do you have in your closet?[Whispers.] I don’t keep any of them! But I’ve been in four weddings.Favorite wedding cake?I’m traditional. I’ll go with a white cake and white icing for a wedding.Steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian?Steak!What’s your signature wedding drink?A sensible glass of wine. Or if I’m doing a mixed drink, a Seven and Seven.Suffer in heels or change into flip-flops?Take ‘em off! If I could take my shoes off in the show I would.See Lisa Howard in It Shoulda Been You, opening April 14 at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre.last_img

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