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first_imgWNY News Now File Image.JAMESTOWN – One of the Jamestown Police Department’s newest K-9’s suddenly passed away Saturday.K-9 Promber. Image via the Chautauqua Blue Lives Matter Facebook page.K-9 Promber, who was partnered with Officer Erik Kraft, died early Saturday morning, according to the Chautauqua Blue Lives Matter group.K-9 Promber joined Jamestown Police last year.He was named in honor of retired JPD Detective Stephen Promber, who passed unexpectedly in March of 2019 due to a medical emergency. “His presence, though only felt for a short time, was lasting and will be remembered and honored forever,” wrote Chautauqua Blue Lives Matter in a post on social media. “Rest easy, Promber. You’ve earned it, good boy.”In his brief time with JPD, K-9 Promber was involved in numerous searches and operations. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

first_img from $57.50 Arielle Jacobs is heading far beyond the palace walls. Luckily, she’s got a diamond in the rough who can show her the ropes: her fellow show-stopper and sib Adam Jacobs, who is currently playing the title role in Aladdin on the Main Stem. has confirmed that his sis will play Princess Jasmine in the shining, shimmering, splendid tuner’s Australian production.The California native was most recently seen on the Great White Way as Nessarose in Wicked. Jacobs made her Broadway debut in In the Heights and appeared in the musical on the road; her additional credits include Into the Woods and High School Musical on tour.Forget sibling rivalry! The two surprised their parents with the exciting news. Watch the adorable announcement below! Aladdin Related Showscenter_img View Comments Adam Jacobs & Arielle Jacobs(Photo: Caitlin McNaney)last_img read more

first_imgLast month, I attended the Young Harris College-University of Georgia Beekeeping Institute. While I am not a beekeeper, I am also not a novice to beekeeping. In my role as a UGA Cooperative Extension county agent, I have a number of friends in various bee clubs. I even have two hives that a friend keeps at my house.In my two days at the institute, I learned that there was so much more to these amazing creatures than I ever realized. The week of June 17-23 is National Pollinator Week, and I thought this would be an ideal time to share some of my newfound bee knowledge.Bees have three body segments: head, thorax and abdomen. The head has five eyes; there are two on the side and three small eyes that look like dots on the top of the head. These three eyes are more like light sensors so the bee knows which way is up. These light-sensing eyes can get bees into trouble in snowy areas. They sometimes exit the hive when snow is on the ground, and the reflected light from the ground is brighter than the sky, so bees fly upside down before crashing into the snow.The thorax, the bee’s power center, is the location of the bee’s four wings and the six legs. There are many bee look-alikes in the insect world. One way to distinguish a bee from a fly is the bee’s four wings. Flies only have two wings. The abdomen houses the internal organs, and the stinger is located at the base of the abdomen. The abdomen has seven segments and contains eight wax-producing glands. Wax is secreted in liquid form through segments four through seven until it cools and hardens. After it hardens, the hive workers collect it and form the hive’s cells. These wax scales are 3 mm across and 1 mm thick. It takes about 1,100 scales to make 1 gram of wax.Bees, like butterflies and moths, go through a complete metamorphosis, which includes egg, larva, pupa and adult life stages. With honeybees, what interested me was the time it takes them to progress from egg to adult. A queen completes this in as little as 16 days, whereas a worker, the female sister, takes 21 days. A drone, the male brother of the queen, takes 24 days. The difference is based on survival. When a colony needs to replace a queen, they must replace her fast so egg-laying can continue.It takes only three days for an egg to develop into a larva. A bee larva looks like a small grub or maggot. It is white in color, nestled into a cell and has no legs or eyes. During this stage it increases 900 times in weight. But how can it grow this fast, molting its skin six times, if it is blind and immobile? The worker bees feed these voracious little eaters, making approximately 1,300 visits each day to feed them and clean their cells.After bees become adults, they have various roles in the hive. While we may think they leave the cells and start flying to flowers, only the oldest adults at the end of their lives can be seen in gardens. The bees begin their adulthood as homebodies, working on important jobs like cleaning and capping cells, basically acting as the hive’s sanitation department. After they graduate from these tasks, they move up to brood tending, comb building, grooming and food handling. It is not until about day 15-20 of their adult life that they begin outdoor tasks, like ventilating and guarding the entrance to the hive.  An adult bee’s first foraging flight is usually not until about day 20. In the summer, most bees only live for 35 days. Foraging flights are dangerous business given all the hazards: lawnmowers, windshields, birds, spiders and other predators. It makes sense that this is a task for the older, disposable bees.For more information on pollinators, visit read more

first_imgThe Cooperative Trust’s James Marshall joins us at the GAC (out of breath from his breakneck schedule) to discuss conference activities, 2015 plans, and Thunderpunch! continue reading » 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

first_imgBranch foot traffic has significantly declined as web-based banking continues to rise.  However, by no means is the brick and mortar office obsolete. Better yet, it is evolving. It’s reducing staff and space, relying on technology and self-service, and shifting towards a relationship selling approach to maximize opportunity within each visit. Like evolution in the animal kingdom, the branch is undergoing the changes it needs to adapt to its modern surroundings. So much so, that some branches have added something extra to get a “leg up” on the competition—wheels.Though mobile branches have been around since the early 90s, they were mostly utilized during disaster relief efforts back then. Today, the decreasing cost of technology and evolving banking habits are opening the door for more mobile branch opportunities. John Baker, CEO of mobile branch manufacturing pioneer MBF Industries, claims that mobile branch sales have increased at least 10-15% year-over-year for the past three to five years. “The decrease in communication costs such as internet and telephone have fueled the need for mobile ATMs and branches,” said Baker. “We expect major growth for years to come as the industry continues to see the cost-effective benefits of the mobile branch.”Baker states that there are many applications for a mobile branch, ranging from “community events, auto dealership loan processing, disaster relief, and serving under-sized markets that can’t support a full branch.” However, today’s most popular use is as a branch replacement during the construction or remodeling of brick and mortar locations. A mobile branch can be driven to the parking lot of the branch under construction. While parked, it provides the community the same in-branch services with the same staff as the physical branch while the construction is being completed, eliminating branch downtime.  Codigo’s Branch Transformation report revealed that 2 out of 5 institutions were adding locations through 2014-2015, and that an additional 25% were remodeling existing locations, creating a significant opportunity for institutions to leverage mobile branches.There’s not much a brick and mortar location can do that a mobile branch can’t. MBF Industries has manufactured mobile branches that range from strictly ATMs to full-service banking, Baker claims.  Lately, they’ve received more elaborate requests from clients. “They want to install large digital signage for advertising, as well as self-service kiosks to reduce paper clutter and provide more interactivity— just like in the brick and mortar locations.”Much like the people it serves, the branch has gone mobile. It has grown legs and the ability to go to the customer, instead of waiting for customers to visit. With the cost of technology decreasing, these mobile branches are becoming more and more cost-effective for institutions of all shapes and sizes. It will not be long before we see more of them serving our communities as a widely accepted way to bank. 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Matt Deaton Matt Deaton is the Marketing Manager at Codigo, a Louisville. KY-based technology company that develops retail engagement tools such as digital signage, interactive kiosks, and on-hold messaging. Codigo has served … Web: Detailslast_img read more

first_imgYesterday, in a hole-filled school sports hall in Malinska, the investor of Haludovo, Mr. Abramyan, accompanied by his closest associates, tried to convince the residents of Malinska that he needed a concession, or rather a right, to realize an investment plan focused on their well-being. to the exclusive use of the whole coast in front of Haludovo, in a total length of which a thousand feet.As hard as the position of the owner of Haludovo, Mr. Ara Abramyan, was that the beginning of any investment in Haludovo was necessary and the only precondition to allow him to close a kilometer of Malinska coast, through a closed concession, so firm and unwavering was the position of the other side – local public and local and regional administration that from such his plan, in short and clearly – can not and will not be anything.As the portal reports, Mayor of Malinska-Dubašnica Robert Anton Kraljić informed the locals that that morning in Zagreb they had a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of State Property, the Ministry of the Sea and the Ministry of Tourism and all gave unreserved support to this local government unit that there is no talk of creating fenced to our tourist places, especially on the maritime domain, it is only possibly possible that, in agreement with the local community, only the possibility of concessioning a smaller part of the coast is discussed. On the other hand, the deputy prefect of PGC Marina Medarić pointed out that the county is responsible for granting concessions on maritime property, but it always does so in agreement with the local government.The presentation of “Novi Haludov” did not impress Malinska at all, who reacted to the presented thumbnails and announcements of the construction of a swimming pool, marina, as many as six 5+ star hotels and a mountain of turbo-exclusive facilities worth 250 to 300 million euros. how the locals will be able to pass through the resort or above it, and for which it is willing to issue passes to the domicile population.Photo:”Haludovo is still covered by the Detailed Plan, which literally tomorrow allows you to build and reconstruct all its facilities, hotels and fishing village, only if you stop linking the investment to the issue of concession or” closing “the coast, which we will not agree to. pointed out Chief Kraljić.Nedo Pinezić said that at the time of his takeover of Haludov, Abramyan “in the dowry” got functional facilities and a tourist brand that worked well for decades and carried the tourism of Krk, but also Croatia, and the fact that he ruined it in the meantime is the sole fault of the owner or , which is more likely the result of the extremely poor associates and advisers he surrounded himself with, who had obviously given him very poor advice on the Haludos in recent years.Dr. Cerović pointed out to the owner of the hotel town that Valamar, Maistra, Falkensteiner, but also many other successful hotel companies today at the time when he was buying Haludovo, were buying facilities in the same or even worse condition than Haludovo was then. “See where they are today and where you are ”Stated Cerović and noted that those who did what was done with the destroyed Haludov, should not give lectures on tourism to the islanders because they know very well what tourism is.And at the end of it all, the two-hour, at times temperamental and electrified discussion concluded with Abramyan’s abrupt departure from the hall in which, he concluded, he no longer had reason to sit any further.COMMENTThere is no dialogue about the closed concession, and on the other hand the investor did not want to hear about any other investment opportunities, which brings the whole story back to the beginning, and that is that this former tourist pearl still stands in ruins after 18 years.The involvement of the local population as well as open dialogue and discussion should certainly be commended, regardless of the outcome. This is exactly the right direction, because the local population must be involved in all processes of tourist destination development, which is a rarity. Tourism is people, and a tourist destination is not a hotel, but the whole tourist destination. Without the synergy of the entire tourist destination, there is no long-term, sustainable and quality success.Personally, I am absolutely against giving closed concessions and turning closed resorts on our coast. Such a concept is of course in the business interest of every investor and it is legitimate and understandable, because every investor looks at how to get a return on investment as soon as possible and how to make a profit as well as possible. Every investor would like to have a closed concession or their “private” island, there is no better business opportunity, because all spending remains within the resort, you have maximum control, and in return an annual concession fee is paid. However, from the position of the destination and the local community, this is a very bad move because the natural resource and part of the coast are lost, while tourists who come to the destination do not leave the closed complex, and their consumption remains there. Where is tourism, local economy, development, local culture and way of life… Also, such a concept proved to be negative on examples in Turkey, Greece and Spain, both through the aspect of tourist destination development and through the economic aspect of the local community. At least if we look at the bigger picture, sustainability and long-term effect.What is your opinion on granting closed concessions to investors? Get involved in a constructive discussion HERElast_img read more

first_imgNZR said on Friday it would work with RA to seek expressions of interest from Australian clubs and other interested parties to join the competition.Davis said Australia should flip the script and set up its own competition.”What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. NZR went straight to the clubs and bypassed Rugby Australia. We can do exactly the same,” he said.He also questioned whether Australia or NZ could afford to snub each other.”You need 12 (teams) to make any money and they want to play against us,” Davis said.”We need New Zealand as much as New Zealand needs us … We’ve got 25 million people in our country, they’ve got five. Economics runs this game and says they would partner with us.”Topics : RA are pushing for its four Super Rugby teams and Perth-based Western Force to be involved in any future competition with New Zealand.”They’re trying to split us from Rugby Australia,” Davis said in comments published by the Sydney Morning Herald late on Wednesday.”It’s appalling really. We’re not going to split or destroy the code by dumping two or three sides. It would do irreparable damage to the game here.”NZR and RA did not provide immediate comment on the report. New South Wales Waratahs Chairman Roger Davis has fired a broadside at New Zealand Rugby (NZR), accusing the governing body of seeking to drive a wedge between Australia’s professional sides and the country’s national rugby union.Davis told Australian media that NZR had approached Australia’s Super Rugby teams directly to join its proposed 2021 competition while sidelining Rugby Australia (RA).With the broader Super Rugby competition under a cloud due to COVID-19, NZR has committed to a tournament of eight to 10 teams, featuring its five Super Rugby teams and a potential side from the Pacific islands.last_img read more

first_imgGlass is used extensively in the main living level of the house to maximise views and on this level are two distinct living spaces, one including an original fireplace. There is a kitchen on this level with stone benchtops, integrated Liebherr fridge, V-Zug induction cooktop, microwave, oven and steamer, and a custom-made built-in dining table.On the lower floor of the property is a gym, extra-large steam room with shower, kitchenette and 42-step stair run. A 400-plus bottle wine room is next to a dine-in cellar/tasting room. This area opens out onto a rear deck, surrounded by lush, tropical gardens.There are five bedrooms, four of those with walk-in robes and two with large study nooks.The main bedroom has direct lift access, a sitting area and his and her walk-in robes and ensuites. The house nowNow with more than 18 months of renovations and extensions, it offers sweeping views of the Brisbane River. At the entry level of the home is a separate study and there is a media room with wet bar and kitchenette.The statement home is fully air-conditioned and has remote multi-colour LED lighting throughout. But he said it was worth it. Adding a rooftop entertainment level offered views across Hamilton Hill, down to the Bay and past Mt Gravatt and Tamborine Mountain. More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus13 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market13 hours agoOne of his favourite features in the home is the rooftop plunge pool, which proved to be quite an engineering feat. “I always thought it had potential,” Mr McLennan said. “It is in a magnificently quiet street that nobody comes up and it gets massive river views, that weren’t available until we built the rooftop deck and trimmed some trees and did a few things like that.“I don’t know if anyone had seen the river view potential that it had, but that was something that really swayed me because I always like houses with views.” 7 Langside Rd, HamiltonWhen Jamie McLennan spotted a cavity brick 1974-built house on Langside Rd, Hamilton, he knew it had plenty of potential.He thought with some renovation and careful trimming of trees there might be an opportunity to capture some river views from the tired home. “It was a fairly substantial amount of time for the renovation, it took about 18 to 20 months to do, mainly because of the difficulties (of renovating) a cavity brick house,” Mr McLennan said. The pool is 6m by 2.5m and helps form part of the “outdoor oasis” on the rooftop terrace. The area also has a lounging deck, dining area, TV and a wet bar.“I tried to design things around entertainment and I think we’ve done that, it’s a really comfortable home now,” Mr McLennan said.The home was originally built in 1974 and until now had not been changed significantly.It has been transformed into a modern, luxury home with its own lift which services all five levels.last_img read more

first_img Share LocalNews Sye declared 2012 Road March King by: – February 27, 2012 Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img 30 Views   one comment Tweet Sye performing ‘Fire Bomb’ at the Calypso Semi Finals last month.The Dominica Calypso Association has announced that the Road March Crown title has been won by a Salisbury native.Murphy “Sye” Jno Jules’ 2012 Calypso entitled ‘Fire Bomb’ has won that title, earning himself $3000.00 and a crown.The Road March winner is selected based the song which is played most frequently during both days of Carnival celebrations on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. There were two other songs which posed stiff competition for Sye’s Fire Bomb; Checko’s AM/PM and Wuk Suk’s “KFC”.Click here to listen to the winning song: Sye – Fire BombDominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

first_imgAnna Fern Johnson 85, of Milan passed away Sunday February 18 2018 at her home. She was born Sunday December 18, 1932 in Leslie, KY the daughter of Charley and Polly (Maggard) Asher.   She married Bob Johnson December 1949 and he preceded her in death June 26, 2010. Anna was a homemaker.  She enjoyed her flowers, interior decorating and spending all of her time with her family.Anna Fern is survived by son: Jerry (Brenda) Johnson of Milan; daughters: Linda Hall of Milan; Gail (Tim) Frith of Milford, Ohio. Sisters-in-law: Alberta Asher and Mildred Hart. 7 Grandchildren and 13 Great-Grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by 2 brothers: Vaughn Hart and Bob Asher; 1 sister: Lila Shanks. Funeral services will be 11AM Thursday February 22 at Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home, Milan with Pastor Harris Long officiating. Burial will follow in St. Paul Methodist Cemetery south of Sunman. Visitation will also be Thursday 9-11AM at the funeral home.  Memorials may be given to the Milan First Baptist Church or Milan Food Pantry. Laws-Carr-Moore Funeral Home entrusted with arrangements, 707 S. Main St, Box 243, Milan, In 47031, (812)654-2141.  Go to to leave an online condolence message for the familylast_img read more